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Most Visited Churches in Italy

The travel app Visited has ranked the most visited churches in Italy. Visited, which has over 1.75 million international users, allows you to mark off places you’ve traveled, browse and save bucket list destinations, set travel goals, and get a customized map of your travels. Whether you want to plan your dream getaway or browse travel lists of the top destinations in the world, you can do it all in the Visited app. 

Italy is the center of the Roman Catholic Church and the country has a wealth of historic churches. These are the top churches to visit in Italy according to Visited users:

  1. The Pantheon in Rome is the most visited church in Italy. The iconic ancient Roman temple dates back to 125 AD and is the best preserved monument from ancient Rome. The church combines Greek and Roman styles and has a massive domed ceiling that is the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. 
  1. Duomo, MIlan Cathedral is the second most popular church in Italy to visit. The Milan Cathedral dates back to 1386 and is the third largest cathedral in the world. The expensive cathedral has thousands of pieces of art and five naves with about 40 pillars.
  1. Santa Maria Del Fiore – the Florence Cathedral – is a beautiful Italian Gothic style church located in Florence. The cathedral is one of the largest churches in the world and is the third most visited church in Italy. 
  1. St. Mark’s Basilica is the most important church in Venice. The basilica has a Greek cross design and features Byzantine style mosaics. The church has a mix of iconic architecture styles, with Romanesque, Byzantine, and Islamic influences. 
  1. Madonnina Delle Lacrime is the fifth most visited church in Italy. The basilica in Sicily is a 20th-century Roman Catholic Marian shrine church that was completed in 1994. The unusual design includes a spire dome with a gilded bronze statue of the Madonna on top of the dome. 
  1. Jubilee Church, formerly known as Church of God the Merciful Father, is a modern Catholic church in Rome. The unique architecture includes three walls curved like the sails of a boat. The walls symbolize ship sails to carry the “people of God.”
  1. Basilica of San Zeno in Verona that was built between 967 and 1398 AD. The historic minor basilica has Romanesque architecture. The basilica’s crypt was the setting for the marriage of Shakespeare’s famed Romeo and Juliet. 

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