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Top 10 Most Popular Bath Houses Worldwide

The most visited bath houses in the world offer serenity, with features ranging from natural geothermal mineral water to historic architecture and history. Whether you want to escape the stress of city life or enjoy a luxurious full-service spa experience, the top bath houses offer something for everyone. The most visited bath houses are calculated by the travel app Visited. You can scratch off places you’ve been, find new destinations, browse top travel lists, and get a custom-printed map of your travels using the Visited app. 

The most popular bath houses in the world, according to Visited, are: 

  1. Roman Baths in Bath, Somerset, England, are ancient ruins of Roman bath houses that were built after the Roman invasion of England in 43 AD. The historic bathing complex was built on hot springs that still run today, and the complex attracts over a million visitors per year. 
  1. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa and bath house on Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland. The Blue Lagoon attracts tourists from around the world who come for the healing powers of its milky, mineral-rich hot waters. 
  1. Gellért Baths is a thermal spa bath in Budapest, Hungary, located in the famous Hotel Gellért. The bath house features natural springs and 10 pools.
  2. Hakone Onsen is a public bath house in Hakone, Japan, just 90 minutes from Tokyo. The natural hot springs – called onsen in Japan – offer stunning views of Mount Fuji and guests often stay in Hakone Green Plaza Hotel to enjoy the baths in the morning and at night.

5. Poseidon Gardens in the Gulf of Naples have over 20 pools with thermal waters, a private beach, and a wellness center in sunny Italy. 

6. Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco, has baths designed for a traditional Moroccan hammam experience, with three steam rooms of different temperatures.

7. Aire Ancient Baths are luxurious bath houses in Chicago and New York, United States, with baths inspired by Roman, Greek, and Ottoman traditions. The New York location is in downtown Manhattan, in Tribeca, and offers massage and spa services in addition to the baths. 

8. Kaiserbründl Herrensauna is a historic bath house with saunas in Vienna, Austria, that dates back to 1889. The bath house also serves food and drinks and is popular for relaxing and socializing in the beautiful complex.  

9. Porchester Spa is London’s oldest spa, housed in a historic 1929 building. The spa includes a sauna, Turkish hot rooms, pools, and spa services such as facials, wraps, massages, and hot towel service. 

10. Yrjönkadun Swimming Hall is the oldest public swimming hall in Finland, dating back to 1928. The Roman-style baths include saunas, an Art Deco-style pool, and Nordic Classicism-style architecture. 

Have you been to any of the most popular bath houses in the world? Mark off where you’ve been, see more top 10 lists, and get a custom map of your travels using the Visited app. 

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