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Visited Names Top Places to Eat Steak Around the World

Visited has named the top places to eat steak around the world. The popular travel app with over 1.75 million users allows you to mark off places you’ve traveled, browse and save bucket list destinations, set travel goals, and see your customized travel stats. You can get a personalized travel map and more by using the Visited app. 

The top 5 places to eat steak around the world according to Visited users are:

  1. Texas BBQ is the top steak experience. The southern U.S. state is world-renowned for its smoky barbecue, and Texas steak is lean and perfect for grilling. The smoky, slow cooking style using mesquite wood gives the steak a juicy, savory, smoked flavor. Texas barbecue sauce has its own unique flavor, with a tomato-based sauce seasoned with spices for a tangy flavor. Unlike barbecue in most of the U.S., which uses more pork, in Texas they use beef – including steak – as the main meat. 
  1. Steak Florentine is the second most popular steak to eat. A specialty in Italy, steak florentine – beefsteak Florentine style, is made of young steer or heifer. The steak, also called T-bone, is a high cut from the sirloin. Steak Florentine originated in Florence, Italy, making it the most popular destination for the delicacy. The flavorful meat usually comes from a breed of Tuscan cattle called the Chianina.
  1. Argentinian Asado is the third most popular steak to eat in the world. Originating in Pampas, Argentina, the slow-cooked barbecue dish is most commonly made of beef. To maximize flavor, the steak is cooked over an open flame on a grill called a parrilla. Argentine is famous for its high-quality beef, and asado steak offers a rich, flavorful meal. 
  1. Kobe Beef in Osaka, Japan, is the fourth most popular steak destination in the world. The legendary Kobe beef is smooth and tasty and upholds high standards of quality. Kobe beef comes from Wagyu beef from a specific strain of Japanese Black cattle raised in Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture according to strict guidelines. 
  1. Braai is the South African version of barbecue. Traditional Braii uses wood and smoke to produce a smoky, rich flavor. South African Braais are social occasions and serve up delicious steak for special events such as weddings, holidays, and birthdays.

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