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Top 10 Most Popular Churches

Get inspired by the Visited App’s most visited Churches around the world list. All 10 churches are found in Europe. The list is based on over one million travellers who use Visited to keep track of all the places they have visited. Download the Visited app today on iOS or Android for free to see how many churches and other attractions you have been to.

1. Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris, France) – Is the most visited Church in the world, this is not surprising as Paris is the number one visited city in the world. It is built in the French Gothic Style and was completed in 1345. Unfortunately the Cathedral suffered a fire in 2019 and is currently under restoration.

2. The Pantheon (Rome, Italy) – Is one of the best preserved ancient Roman buildings in the world. It is also an ancient Roman Temple. It was converted into a church in 609 when Byzantine emperor Phocas gave the building to Pope Boniface IV.

3. Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain) – The only church in the top 10 famous churches list that is still under construction. Like many buildings in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. It is built in the style of Gothic Revival and Art Nouveau as well as combining Modernism.

4. St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican)– is the biggest Catholic church in the world and is in the holy city of Vatican. This Basilica is famous for hosting the Pope’s weekly service. The Current basilica is replacing the old basilica that dates back to the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. The current church is designed by Donato Bramante, Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo Ber and Carlo Maderno.

5. The Sistine Chapel (Vatican) – Found a few steps away from St. Peter’s Basilica is famous for Michelangelo’s ceiling which he painted standing up! The Chapel is part of the Vatican Museum and was completed in 1508.

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6. Sacre- Coeur (Paris, France) – The 2nd most visited Church in Paris. It is a Roman Catholic church which opened in 1875 and was built with Travertine Stone. The Basilica is found at the summit of butte of Montmarte, which is two hundred meters above the Seine. Its location offers stunning city views.

7. Westminster Abbey (London, England) – It is a famous Abbey for multiple reasons, perhaps the most famous is the coronation of monarchs, which started with William the Conqueror back in 1066. The abbey is also the eternal home of famous people such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Elizabeth I of England. It was built in the Gothic Style and is officially a Church of England.

8. Duomo, Milan Cathedral (Milan, Italy) – is found in the heart of the fashion capital, Milan, is built in a combination of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. While there is a debate in the size, it is the largest Cathedral in Italy, and 2nd largest in Europe and perhaps even 3rd largest in the world. The construction started in 1386 and was finalized in 1965, making it only of the longest cathedral to ever be built.

9. St. Paul’s Cathedral (London, England) – is the 2nd church to be found in the top 10 list from London. It is an Anglican cathedral which was completed in 1710, it was built in the English Baroque style. The Cathedral is a prominent fixture in the London’s skyline and until 1963 was the largest building in London standing 365 feet or 111 meters high.

10. St. Mark’s Basilica (Venice, Italy) – Is the Roman Catholic church, which was built in the style of Byzantine and Italian Gothic and was completed in 836, by the architect Domenico I Contarini. It was opened in 1094, and today delights visitors to Saint Mark’s square.

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