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Top 10 Greek & Roman Ruins You Need to See

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1. Coliseum (Rome, Italy) – Not surprising that the most visited Roman/Greek Ruin is Coliseum. Coliseum is the largest ancient amphitheatre ever built and it is also a free standing compared to most Roman theaters that were built on a hill.

2. Pantheon (Rome, Italy) – 2nd most visited roman ruin is Pantheon, which is a former Roman template. Just like the Coliseum, it is the the world’s largest unreinforced concreate dome and probably the best preserved Roman ruin. Originally a Roman template it became a Catholic church since 609 AD.

3. Acropolis of Athens (Athens, Greece) – No visit to Athens is complete without a hike up the mountain to Acropolis. The hill is said to be inhabited as far back as 4th millennium BC. Today you can see the ancient citadel and remains of several buildings including the Parthenon. The views from Acropolis will leave any visitor breathless.

4. Castel San Angelo (Rome, Italy) – Is the third most visited roman ruins in Rome/Italy is also known as Mausoleum of Hadria. Once it was the tallest building in Rome now the cylindrical building which used to be used by popes as a fortress and castle, can be visited as a museum.

5. Arch of Titus (Rome, Italy) – Is the 4th most visited Roman ruin in Italy is a honorific arch depicting the victory of the fall of Jerusalem. It was built in the 1st century AD.

best roman and greek ruins

6.  Forum of Caesar (Rome, Italy) – Forum of Caesar was originally designed to expand on the Forum Roman. As Caesar became more involved in the project the forum became a place of business mainly for the senate as well as a Shrine for Caesar himself.

7. Ancient Agora of Athens (Athens, Greece) – Agora of Athens is the 2nd most visited Greek ruin second only to the Acropolis. Ancient Agora of Athens is the classical agora which is located to the northwest of the Acropolis and is bound on the south hill of Areopagus.

8. Forum Of Trajan (Rome, Italy) – Which is also located in Rome, is the last of the imperial fora. To build the monumental complex an excavation was required where a ridge connecting the Quirinal and Capitoline hills was removed. It is said that the soil and rocks that were extracted were dumped outside of Porta Collina.

9. Bath (Bath, England) – the most visited ruin outside Greece and Italy, Bath England is named after Roman Built baths. It is also known as one of the great spa towns in the world. It is located in the valley of the River Avon, 18km to Bristol and 150 kilometers to London.

10. Palatine Hill & Stadium (Rome, Italy) – Is the centermost hill of the 7 hills of Rome. It is currently an open air museum and 10th most visited ancient Greek/Roman ruin.

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