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Top 10 Most Popular Dance Shows

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The world’s top 10 most popular dance shows highlight a wide range of vibrant cultures, costumes, and dance moves. From Spain’s colorful flamenco dancers to the Radio City Rockettes in New York City, this list features the top 10 dance shows worldwide. The rankings were calculated by the Visited travel app, which allows you to mark off places you’ve been. Visited has over 1 million users and features custom travel maps and top destinations, and allows you to get a custom-printed map of your travels. 

Here are the top 10 dance shows according to Visited:

  1. 1. Flamenco dancing, famous for its signature red ruffled dresses, originated in the Andalusia region of southern Spain, and cities across Spain now feature flamenco dance shows. Flamenco dancing is an expressive form of solo dance with intricate arm and foot movements and is often accompanied by a singer and guitar player. 
  2. 2. Belly dancing is a popular middle eastern dance in Turkey and Egypt, attracting tourists and locals alike for special performances. Belly dancing features unique gyrations and movements of the torso and hips and includes ornate costumes with bare bellies and long, flowing skirts.
  3. 3. Hip hop dancing in the U.S. is an art form that evolved from street dancing, African American culture, and hip hop music. Hip hop dancing features a wide range of styles and movements that sync with the beat of hip hop songs. 
  4. 4. Cabaret dancing is a form of theatrical entertainment including dance and music that is performed in nightclubs. Cabaret originated in France by the late 15th century and famous cabaret performers include Josephine Baker and Marlene Dietrich. 

5. Tango dancing is a partner dance that started in South America, along the border between Uruguay and Argentina. Tango combines African, indigenous, and European cultures and music to create a dramatic, mesmerizing dance.

  1. 6. Irish step dance is a choreographed cultural dance in Ireland that features a stiff upper body and intricate foot movements that include tapping, stepping, and hopping. 
  2. 7. Radio City Rockettes are an American dance company in New York City that performs choreographed dances, with their most famous being the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular show. 
  3. 8. Samba dancing is a ballroom dance of Afro-Brazilian origin that includes rocking body movements, front and back steps, and timing in sync with the 4/4 beat of samba music. 
  4. 9. Salsa dancing is a Latin dance that blends Cuban and American dances and was popularized in New York City.
  5. 10. Whirling dervishes – or Sufi whirling – is a form of meditative dance in Turkey that features spinning in circles and also includes Islamic prayer rituals. 

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