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Most Visited Mountain Ranges in the World

The top 10 most visited mountain ranges in the world include the highest peaks and stunning views, drawing international travelers from far and wide. The top 10 mountain ranges are determined by the travel app Visited, where international travelers marked off mountains that they have been to.

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  1. 1. Alps are the highest mountain range in Europe and draw tourists from around the world for their incredible views, breathtaking skiing, pristine lakes, medieval castles, and historic mountain villages. The expansive mountain range stretches about 1,200 kilometers (746 miles) through France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, and Germany. 
  2. 2. Rockies are one of the most visited mountain ranges, offering steep peaks, picturesque hiking trails, ski resorts, and a diverse array of wildlife. The rugged Rockies are the largest mountain range in North America, running from British Columbia and Alberta in Canada through the U.S. states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. 
  3. 3. Appalachian Mountains – often called the Appalachians – are an ancient mountain chain in the eastern U.S. and Canada that formed about 480 million years ago. The scenic mountains stretch from Alabama and Georgia in the southern U.S. up to Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada and feature the Appalachian Trail, a scenic hiking trail that is approximately 2,194 miles (3531 km).
  4. 4. Andes are an expansive mountain range along South America’s western side that are the longest continental mountain range in the world. The Andes are one of the most popular mountain ranges, drawing visitors to iconic sites like Machu Picchi, Incan ruins, and gorgeous hiking trails through jungles and mountains. 

5. Pyrenees are a scenic mountain range nestled between France and Spain, with peaks over 3,400 meters (1,1155 feet) in elevation. The Pyrenees is one of the most visited mountain ranges, offering breathtaking natural beauty with forests, gorges, valleys, waterfalls, and pristine lakes, as well as sacred pilgrimage sites like Lourdes and Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James).

  1. 6. Himalayas in Asia have some of the world’s highest peaks, including Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 8,848.86 meters (29,031.7 feet). 
  2. 7. Apennine is a picturesque mountain range running from northern to southern Italy, featuring serene hiking and cycling trails, seaside views, Italian villages, and cultural attractions in Florence. 
  3. 8. Atlas mountains are a beautiful and diverse mountain range spanning Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, separating coastal areas from the rugged Sahara Desert. 
  4. 9. Alaska Range stretches across Alaska and parts of Canada and includes the highest mountain peak in North America, Denali. 
  5. 10. Cascade Range spans western North America and includes volcanoes, evergreen forests, and tranquil lakes. 

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Download Visited for free on iOS or Android.
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