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Top 10 Most Visited Deserts in the world

The most visited deserts on the planet include vast arid landscapes with breathtaking dunes and rock formations as well as rare white salted grounds. The list is compiled by the travel app Visited based on data from over 1 million users. Visited is a travel app that allows you to browse top 10 lists of the most popular places to travel in the world as well as mark off places you’ve been and get a custom travel map of your travels, with the option to get it printed. 

The top 10 most visited deserts in the world include:

  1. Sahara Desert stretches 9,200,000 square kilometers (5,716,615 square miles) across Africa and is the largest hot desert and the most visited desert in the world. The most popular destinations for tourists who go on tours of the massive desert are Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt.
  1. Arabian Desert is the largest desert in Asia, stretching across Iraq, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen in southwestern Asia. The Arabian Desert attracts tourists from around the world for safaris and desert tours of the serene sandy dunes. 
  1. Red Desert is a high-altitude desert in the U.S. state of Wyoming that is one of the last high-elevation deserts in the U.S. The beautiful red sandy landscape includes badlands, dunes, and ancient rock formations. 
  1. Mojave Desert is a desert below the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the U.S. states of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The Mojave Desert includes the famous Joshua trees which are only found in the region. 
  2. Great Salt Lake Desert is a large dry lake in northern Utah, U.S. between the Great Salt Lake and the Nevada border. The desert includes white salt deposits that evoke a surreal, magical look that draws tourists from around the world.
  1. 6. Highlands of Iceland are a picturesque plateau of expansive volcanic desert that stretches across most of the interior of Iceland. The unique landscape includes mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, and geothermal waters. 
  2. 7. Negev Desert is a desert in southern Israel that includes the famed Dead Sea, one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. The desert also features makhteshim, unique crater-like landforms which are only found in the Negev and its extension into Egypt’s Sinai.
  3. 8. Judaean Desert is a desert in Israel and the West Bank that is east of Jerusalem. The desert has holy significance to Christians, who believe that Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, as depicted in the New Testament. 
  4. 9. Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the driest non-polar desert in the world and offers breathtaking scenery including geysers, lagoons, thermal pools, volcanoes, and salt flats. 
  5. 10. Namib Desert is a very dry coastal desert in southern Africa that is approximately 55 to 80 million years old. The desert includes sand dunes, mountains, and a unique fog belt. 

Have you been to any of the most visited deserts in the world? See the complete list of desert destinations, discover new places to travel, mark off where you’ve been, and get a custom-printed map of your travels using the travel app Visited. 

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