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Top 10 Most Visited US National Parks

Summer is a wonderful time for visiting National Parks in United States. Below you will find the top 10 most visited US National parks as per the travel app, Visited. Visited allows you to check off places and destination of ancient sites, art museums, capitals of the world and popular hiking places.

  1. 1) Grand Canyon National Park -Grand Canyon National Park is found in northern Arizona. It is one of the grandest examples of erosion found anywhere in the world. There are two main rim’s South Rim and North Rim which are open 24 hours a day and can offer spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

2) Washington Monument – Washington Monument is found in Washington DC, it was built to honor George Washington. The United States’s first president’s monument is a 555 foot marble obelisk. It is the number one visited US National park. While, it is not a park, it is managed by the US National Park Authority.

3) President’s Park (White House) – The White House is a place of residence of the US President it is also a pride of a nation. There are beautiful grounds that surround the White House that are worth the visit, and just like the Washington Monument is managed by US National Park Service.

4) National Mall – The 4th most visited US National Park is the National Mall also located in Washington DC. It is home to monuments such as Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument the most visited US National Park. Visitors can enjoy the blossoming cherry trees in April.

5) Golden Gate National Recreation Area – Is found in San Francisco overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. It sits on 82,116 acres of land. Most of the park is a land formally used by the United States Army.

Most Visited US National Parks

6) Yosemite National Park is ranked number 6 of the most visited national parks in the United States. Found in California a few hours away from San Francisco. It is famous for its giant and ancient sequoia trees, beautiful falls and cliffs.

7) Zion National park is the 7th most visited national park, it is found in Southwest Utah. The Zion Canyon’s steep red cliffs is what makes it a beautiful backdrop to your next hike. The forest trails can be found along the Virgin River which flows to the Emerald Pools which includes waterfalls and hanging garden.

8) Boston National Historical Park, it showcases Boston’s role in the American revolution. Designated as a national part on October 1, 1974 which sits on the Freedom trail right in the middle of the downtown Boston.

9) Yellowstone National Park is a wilderness heaven which sits atop of volcanic hot spot. It is almost 3,500 square miles and is located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone has dramatic canyons, hot springs and gushing geysers with Old Faithful being the most famous. There are many animals to enjoy in this national park including bears, wolfs, elk, antelope and bison.

10 ) Everglades National Park, located near Miami, Florida is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. It is ranked 10th most visited US National Park. Here you can see rare species such as Manatee, Florida panther, American crocodile and even dolphins.

To see the full list of US National Parks and to see what percentage you have been to download the Visited App, on  iOS or Android .

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