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Top 10 Most Popular Opera Houses


If you love opera or elegant architecture, you won’t want to miss the 10 most popular opera houses in the world. From the awe-inspiring Vienna State Opera to the regal Opera real de Versailles, the majority of these opera houses are in Europe. These are the most visited opera houses according to the travel app Visited

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  1. Vienna State Opera, Austria is at the top of the list of most popular opera houses due to its stunning Renaissance Revival style architecture with elaborate detailing and world-renowned productions. The grand opera seats 1,709 people and hosts guided tours that include elegant private rooms that are closed to the public. 
  2. Palais Garnier, France is an opulent opera house in Paris that was built for Emperor Napoleon III. The stately opera includes Beaux-Arts and Baroque Revival architecture and was the setting for the legendary novel “The Phantom of the Opera.” The opera house hosts 90-minute tours. 
  3. Sydney Opera House, Australia has a distinctly modern appearance and is considered a masterpiece of 20th-century architecture. The iconic architecture makes it one of the most popular opera houses in the world. 
  4. Opera real de Versailles, France also known as the Theatre Gabriel is housed in the elegant Palace of Versailles and was designed by Agne-Jacques Gabriel in the 1760s. The stunningly detailed opera house is made up almost entirely of wood painted to resemble marble. 
  5. La Scala Opera House, Italy is Milan’s crowning jewel, which opened in 1778. The storied opera house has been the site of many famous premieres, including many by Verdi. 
  6. Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark is one of the most modern and expensive opera houses in the world. Copenhagen Opera House’s opulence includes 24-carat gold leaves on the ceiling, Sicilian Perlatino marble, and 14 stories, including some underground. 
  7. Hungarian State Opera House, Hungary in Budapest features a neo-Renaissance design, seats over 1,200 people, and has excellent acoustics. 
  8. The New Opera House Oslo, Norway is a distinctly modern opera house that offers panoramic waterfront views of Oslo and allows guests on the roof. The guided tours are 50 minutes. 
  9. Royal Opera House, England is located in Covent Garden, London, and features Baroque Revival architecture. The opera house is home to England’s oldest national opera and ballet companies. 
  10. Teatro La Fenice, Italy is one of the most famous opera houses in the world and is located in Venice. The opulent building features world-renowned productions.

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