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Top 10 Most Visited Mosques in The World

The top 10 most popular Mosques in the world include several Ottoman imperial Mosques in Turkey as well as sacred places in the United Arab Emirates and Spain. The most visited mosques list comes from the travel app Visited, which allows international travelers to mark off their places visited as well as get custom travel maps of countries visited, set travel goals, and more. 

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  1. Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the top places visited in the world, drawing international travelers from around the world to see the masterpiece of Byzantine art and architecture. The historic Greek Orthodox church dating back to 537 AD is now a renowned museum.
  2. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, officially the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, comes in second on the most popular mosques list, attracting many visitors to the beautiful Ottoman-era imperial mosque. The mosque opened its doors in 1616 and continues to offer daily prayer services. 
  3. Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, is another popular mosque from the Ottoman Empire, dating back to 1558. The majestic hilltop imperial mosque is a tribute to Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, the longest-reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
  4. Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, is the largest mosque in the UAE and one of the most popular mosques in the world. The stunning white mosque is a testament to Islamic architecture and features serene reflecting pools, and the world’s largest carpet, designed by Iranian artist Ali Khaliqi, weighing in at 35 tons.
  5. Eyup Sultan Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, is a holy mosque that includes a mausoleum where Ebu Eyup el-Ansari, the standard-bearer and companion of the Prophet Muhammad, is said to have been buried. The mosque is one of the most visited pilgrimage destinations.
Most Visited Mosques
  1. 6. Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, is an Islamic shrine that stands as a symbol of the triumph of Islam. The mosque dates back to 688 A.D. and is the oldest surviving work of Islamic architecture in the world. 
  2. 7. New Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, originally called the Valide Sultan Mosque, is an ornate Ottoman imperial mosque that features 66 domes and semi-domes as well as two minarets. 
  3. 8. Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco, is the second largest functioning mosque in Africa and has the world’s second tallest minaret. The grand structure features Moorish architecture.
  4. 9. Mosque-Cathedral Cordoba also known as Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, in Cordoba, Spain, is a remarkable tribute to two world religions – Islam and Christianity. The storied site is a former Islamic mosque and Renaissance church and is an important monument in the history of Islamic architecture. 
  5. 10. Ortakoy Mosque in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey, is a beautiful Ottoman mosque situated along the water of the Bosphorus strait. 

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