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The Best Cities to Visit in 2022


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have stopped traveling in the meantime. Hopefully, by 2022, people will be able to return to such an enjoyable activity. Even though the pandemic affected when, where, and how people travel, people are more motivated than ever to indulge their wanderlust and see what new wonders they will discover.

Whether you are only starting to put up a Scratch Map or veering away from the countries you have already visited with a Countries Been column in your notepad, here are some of the best cities to visit in 2022.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is a vibrant city with a lot of personality. It is undoubtedly a destination to come if you want to explore a variety of various attractions, as it is New Zealand’s largest and most diversified city.

Although Queenstown is known as New Zealand’s adventure capital, Auckland is a must-see for serious adrenaline enthusiasts. The selection of adventure activities is rather long: Bungee jumpers flock to the Sky Tower and the Harbour Bridge, while hikers and canyoners flock to the west coast. Moreover, mountain biking, motorcycle trips, helicopter rides, and sea kayaking are other thrilling activities to try.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan’s capital, Taipei City, is located in East Asia and is bordered by China, Japan, and the Philippines.

It is Taiwan’s political, economic, educational, and cultural hub, a modern metropolis with a burgeoning economy and a growing tourism industry. Taipei attracts visitors for its street food, night markets, historical antiques, hot springs, and premium shopping.

The night markets in Taipei City are a cornerstone of Taiwanese culture and a popular tourist attraction. At nightfall, ordinary streets and vacant enclosures come alive with color, and the action lasts until midnight, making it a sight to behold.

Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg, Germany’s warmest city, is said to have 2,000 hours of annual sunshine. It formed as a free-market town in 1120.

Colorful medieval houses nestle close together between a river, a canal, and a very little stream along cobblestone streets and historic gates. Freiburg is the ideal spot to spend a long weekend trip because of its busy historic squares filled with cafes and restaurants, beer gardens, and shops and boutiques. With the Black Forest just outside the city boundaries, you can easily combine a health or hiking trip with a city break.

Atlanta, USA

Atlanta is the entertainment center of the South, with world-class restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, professional sports teams, and a plethora of activities and events. The inventive, dynamic city is so popular that it was named the only American city on a popular travel guide’s Best in Travel list for 2022.

The city’s many theatres, museums, galleries, and concert halls provide visitors with a broad and vibrant cultural landscape. At museums like the Atlanta History Center, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, tourists learn about the state capital’s role in historical events. Tourists may also sample Atlanta’s diverse food scene and witness firsthand why shoppers flock to the city for anything from boutiques to antiques. Atlanta is a city that people will love coming again and again for family fun, romantic getaways, urban adventure, unique events, and so much more.

Lagos, Nigeria

Suppose you only believe what you see or hear in the media about Nigeria. In that case, you may miss out on an opportunity to visit and experience the “Giant of Africa” for yourself. This city never has a dull moment, which boasts a lively nightlife, several natural sites, local and foreign eateries, and a boisterous and internationally known entertainment scene.

Moreover, you have probably heard of Lagos. Perhaps you have heard that Lagos Island has particularly delectable meals at amazing prices, that Lagos fashion is edgy and contagious, and that the art scene is captivating. Alternatively, perhaps you have heard of the continually bursting “streets,” hallowed cultures and traditions, and entertainment craze. Lagos should be on your list of locations to visit before you die based solely on these factors.


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