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Top 10 Pastries to Try Around the World

Top 10 Pastries to Try Around the World

If you love sweets, you won’t want to miss trying the world’s best pastries. These are the top 10 must-try pastries around the world based on over 2 million users of the travel app Visited. You can find the top places to travel in the world and plan your next dream trip with the Visited app.

The most popular pastries to try around the world are:

  1. Crepes are the number one pastry for travelers. These sweet, thin layered treats in France can be sweet or savory. The most popular dessert crepes include delectable fillings like strawberries and Nutella, blueberries and cream, or cherries and chocolate. 
  2. Croissants are said to have originated in Austria and perfected in France. Early croissants were inspired by the shape of the Austrian kipferl. The first croissant recipe was reportedly written in 1915 by French baker Sylvain Claudius Goy. Croissants became popular in France due to Marie Antoinette, who introduced them from her native Austria. 
  3. Pain au chocolat originated in Austria and was brought to France in the 1830s by Austrian military officer August Zang. The name literally means “bread with chocolate.” Pain au chocolat was initially made with brioche dough. Today, they are typically made with flaky puff pastry similar to croissants.
  4. Churros con Chocolate. Barcelona is known for serving the best churros con chocolate in Spain. Churros are a popular Spanish pastry made with choux pastry and deep-fried. They are often served with a thick, rich hot chocolate made with Aztec chocolate. The churros con chocolate tradition originated in Spain in the 16th century when Hernando Cortez returned from Mexico with Aztec chocolate. Churros quickly became a popular breakfast and snack food.
  5. Baklava is said to have originated in Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East, but its exact origins are unknown. It is most famous in Istanbul, where it is typically made with pistachios. Baklava is a labor of love, requiring many thin layers of phyllo dough to be carefully layered and baked.
  6. Pasteis De Nata, also known as pastel de Belém, is a Portuguese egg custard tart pastry dusted with cinnamon. It dates back to the 18th century when monks at the Jerónimos Monastery in the parish of Santa Maria de Belém in Lisbon are said to have created it.
  7. Apple strudel, also known as apfelstrudel, originated in a Viennese café in Austria. It is traditionally made with incredibly thin hand-stretched dough, then filled with fresh apples, butter, and cinnamon.
  8. Cannoli are of Sicilian origin, from the city of Palermo. According to legend, the recipe was handed down by Muslim women to Christian nuns in Caltanissetta during the carnival period.
  9. Cannelés de Bordeaux is a French pastry flavored with rum and vanilla. It originated in Bordeaux and the South of France, where egg yolks needed to be used because egg whites were used for wine. The main ingredients are rum, vanilla, egg yolks, butter, sugar, and flour.
  10. Cardamom buns are Swedish knotted sweet rolls eaten during fika, a coffee and cake break. They are known for their fragrant cardamom sugar filling. These lovely buns are a cross between a pull-apart bread and a cinnamon roll.

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