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Exploring the Least Visited Countries

Thousands of people visit countries in remote parts of the world with little space and infrastructure each year. But it is precisely this lack of tourism that makes them so appealing to individuals whose lives get charted on a travel map.

In a world that is narrowing by the day thanks to social media and greater application accessibility, it is a wonder to discover regions that are still mostly untouched. While getting there may take a little longer, they are easily accessible and well worth the time and effort.

This article explores three of the least visited countries in terms of tourism.

The Three Least Visited Countries

Before we get into the details, it is worth noting that the data used to compile this list is based on 1,200,000 international and 200,000 US users of the Visited App, which is available for free on iOS and Android.

More specifically, for any place with at least 1,000 users who wanted to visit, the ratio of users who desired to visit versus users who saw it determined the country.

Notably, the South Pacific Islands have the greatest discrepancy between users who want to visit and those who have seen. Moreover, the most wished for but least traveled to countries are extremely difficult to travel.

Among the least visited countries, here are the top three:

Marshall Islands

With a want vs. visited ratio of 7.35, the Marshall Islands is the least visited country in the Visited data.

The Marshall Islands are a series of atolls and reefs located halfway between Hawaii and Australia.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is one of the world’s least-visited countries, with about 5,000 visitors each year. While this provides limitless options for cultural immersion, it also means a scarcity of restaurants and infrastructure, with only two hotels in Majuro’s “big” city.

Norfolk Island

With a want vs. visited ratio of 7.42, the Norfolk Islands is the second least visited country in the Visited data.

Norfolk Island has everything you have come to love about the South Pacific, plus a lot more.

Every turn will reveal a special surprise or twist that will cause you to reconsider your thoughts of paradise. The Norfolk beaches are among the greatest in the Pacific, with crystal-clear seas protected by abundant coral reefs only a short distance from the sand. Moreover, you will also come across dark cliffs with cascading waterfalls into the sea and stunning headlands with endless views.


With a want vs. visited ratio of 7.62, Greenland is the third least visited country in the Visited data.

Greenland, the world’s largest island, is an intriguing Arctic destination for all adventure-seeking travelers.

Greenland has all the makings of a tourist hotspot, with towering icebergs, unspoiled tundra, and unparalleled vistas of the aurora borealis — much like Iceland had a decade ago.

Summer is the season of the Midnight Sun, and it is a fantastic time to visit Greenland on land and sea. Whales swim along the coasts, icebergs calve from glaciers, flowers and vegetation flourish at incredible rates, hiking paths open up the backcountry, and boats connect the many settlements along the coast. Greenland’s climate is generally mild, and the weather is often pleasant for long periods during this brief, warm season.

Greenland’s tone shifts as the first frosts arrive and snow begins to fall, and the country is blanketed in a white blanket for the next six months, making winter in Greenland a perfect time for dog sledding, watching the northern lights, going skiing, and stargazing.


After reading many alarming headlines about over-tourism, it is tempting to believe that the world has met capacity.

If you wander away from the well-worn tourist paths and chart your travel map in another direction, you will find a completely different kind of adventure. There are areas worldwide that are ready to welcome travelers — and where tourism, when done properly, can even assist in boosting the economy.

Wherever your feet may take you, go with Visited. Unlike other travel apps, Visited allows you to revisit and relive your experiences, discover new places, and chart your specific travel goals. Download Visited on iOS or Android today.

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