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Who Travels Most in the World

who travels the most

If you’re wondering who travels the most in the world, the Visited travel app has crunched the numbers to find out. With over 1.5 million international travelers using the app, Visited has found that the most well-traveled people live in the United Arab Emirates, followed by Swiss and Swedish people. According to Visited’s 2022 Travel Report, people in the UAE have visited 29 countries on average. The average number of countries that travelers have visited is 18. 

Here is the breakdown of the top most traveled countries as well as the least traveled places:

  1. UAE travelers top the list as the most well-traveled, averaging 29 countries visited per person. 
  1. Switzerland is the second most well-traveled country in the world. The average Swiss traveler has been to 22 countries. 
  1. Sweden is tied with Switzerland for the second most well-traveled country in the world, with the average Swedish traveler having visited 22 countries. 
  1. Netherlands is tied for third place for most well-traveled. The average Dutch traveler has been to 21 countries. 
  1. Norway also comes in third place for the most well-traveled people. The average Norwegian traveler has been to 21 countries around the world. 
  1. Australia comes in next on the list, with the average Australian person having traveled to 20 countries. 
  1. Denmark is tied with Australia. The average Danish traveler has visited 20 countries around the globe. 
  1. Germany is next on the list of the most-traveled people in the world. The average German tourist has been to 19 countries. 
  1. The UK is tied with Germany on the list of the most well-traveled countries. The average British person has traveled to 19 countries. 
  1. Belgium ranks tenth on the list of the most traveled countries. The average Belgian person has visited 18 countries. 

From countries that have over 10,000 users in the Visited app, the least traveled are Italians, with almost 14 countries visited on average, followed by Russians, Brazilians, Turkish, and French, who come in at just under 15 countries visited per person.

Data from the Visited app is based on 1,550,000 international users and all data is collected from the free Visited travel app. The most well-traveled countries were calculated based on countries that have over 10,000 users in the app. 

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