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Epic Road Trips in North America

Road trips are a great way to travel as not only you see the country, but you also save on expensive airfares. For families travelling road trips can mean coming together for a fun adventure. Here are the most popular road trips as per the Visited app. The travel app, visited has more than 150 travel lists to choose from, where you can select destinations based on where you have been or wish to go.

  1. Route 66 – No surprise there, but Route 66 is one of the most popular road trips. It goes across USA from Chicago to LA. It was featured in Disney’s Cars, famous songs were written about it, and it is also a quiet beautiful drive.
  2. Blue Ridge Parkway – is a beautiful drive through the Appalachian mountain range. It goes through Virginia to North Carolina. For those heading south to Walt Disney World say from New York or Toronto you can see similar drive via route I-79. It is about 12 hour drive from Toronto to Charleston, South Carolina.
  3. Seven Mile Bridge – Florida is known for its beaches, but also its bridges. The Seven Mile Bridge found in the keys, is a must see destination. The engineering feat, is also one of the most beautiful drives for those that love blue waters. Key west at the end of the journey, has great beach activities and also for those that love literature Hemmingway’s house.
  4. Arches national Park – Is a beautiful mountain drive in Utah. You will be able to stop at natural world wonders of giant arches, boulders and mountains.
  5. Hana Highway – Winding road of Hawaii takes about 2-4 hours to drive and starts at Hana in the island of Maui. Its beauty is unspoiled. You can stop to view the oceans or hike to a waterfall. The highway is so much more than a drive if you just slow down.
  6. Oregon Coast – From Astoria to Brookings, Oregon. The trip takes you along hte pacific Highway. You can stop to sandboard on Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. For those travelling during Spring/Summer you can stop at Depoe Bay to watch whales.
  7. Valley of Fire – Highway NV 169 runs in the heart of Valley of Fire national park. You can stop to hike, see narrow canyons and view beautiful colors. The drive will vary of colors including pink, yellow, orange and grey tones. It is estimated that the petroglyphs and trees seen can be dated more than 2,000 years ago.
  8. Highway One Monterey County – Is also known as California State Route 1, and runs along the coast from: Orange County to Mendocino County. With the most popular part being from Santa Barbara to San Francisco. It is one of the oldest and longest routs in the United States. And has breath-taking routes of Big Sur.
  9. Trans Canada Highway – Is a cross-canada wide highway that goes from east to west coast. Chances are if you have been to Canada and driven, you would have seen one part or the other of the highway. It starts at Victoria BC and ends in St. Johns. Plenty to see during this epic drive to complete fully would take 5-7 days. You will pass Rocky Mountains, Prairies, cities such as Toronto and Montreal, as well as coast towns of PEI.
  10. Icefields Parkway – Is a highway found in Alberta and goes from Lake Louise to Town of Jasper. While only 230KMs a whole day is recommended, as there are many places to hike or ski along the way.

Where you drive, really depends on where you live or where you plan to travel to. For example, those that live in Toronto can do a quick road trip to Ottawa, Montreal or even Quebec City. Or those that live in Boston can do an epic drive to New York, Cape Cod or even drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. For those living in LA there are no shortage of epic drives from LA to San Francisco or quick hop to Valley of Fire.

For a full list of scenic drives in US and abroad, download the Visited app.

Tip for an Epic Road Trip As a Family:

Having just driven 2,000kms or 1,200 Miles, with a four year old, our drive took us from Toronto all the way down to Orlando Florida to visit Walt Disney World. We stopped overnight in Charlotte, NC which was a pleasant surprise. Here are some tips that can help you plan your next epic trip:

  1. Healthy Eating – Packing healthy snacks in the car can ensure you are eating healthy. We also opted to stop over at Whole Foods around the big cities to pick up food for the whole day. Their salads or sandwiches keep and are a much healthier option when travelling. We did find fruits and veggies or sandwiches in some gas stations, however, it was not consistent and we did not want to rely on it. Packing water, can also ensure you can wash fruits such as apples along the route. This was the biggest obstacle when travelling is finding the organic healthy options. So having your own kitchen at hotels/ AirBnBs or picking food at grocery stores can ensure you are not only keeping your family healthy but also saving money by not eating out during your trip, the whole time.
  2. Keeping an eye on gas – While most destinations have plenty gas stations and navigation systems do tell you where your next gas station is, it is still wise to fuel up with at least 1/4 of the tank left. Going through Appalachia’s sometimes we would drive for 20-30 minutes prior to finding a gas station.
  3. Entertainment – Keeping entertained on long drives can be hard for both adults and children. Loading up movies or tv shows help little ones stay entertained. Playing different games such as I spy, or trying to remember all the states or countries around the world can be a way to spend the time.
  4. Pulling over to stretch – During gas station and washroom breaks, we found basic stretching and running around the car, to really help everyone stay loose. After four hours, you really start to fill your gas paddle foot, unless you use cruise control, so stretching really helped.
  5. Research Things to Do Along the way – researching what is around can yield awesome surprises. For example, we were staying in Charlotte, and did not realize but NASCAR Hall of Fame was across the street from our hotel. While not huge fans of NASCAR, we were shocked at how amazing is the museum. It has simulators, history and cars which was all our 4 year old boy needed for an epic time.

Regardless where your road trip takes you, always keep your gas full, your camera ready and a sense of adventure.

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