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Top Ski Locations in Canada

Top Ski Locations in Canada

The popular travel app Visited, which has over 1.75 million users, has ranked the most popular ski destinations in Canada based on user data. Visited allows you to browse top travel lists, swipe through and save bucket list destinations, get a customized map of your travels, set travel goals, and optimize your travel plans. Planning your next trip just got a lot easier with the Visited app. 

The top ski destinations in Canada offer plenty of powder snow, varied terrain with beginner and expert-level trails, stunning mountain views, and more. The most visited ski locations in Canada, according to Visited users, are:

  1. Banff is the number one Canadian ski destination, drawing visitors to its three ski resorts with a variety of slopes and budget-friendly prices. Banff, located in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, offers stunning alpine views and plenty of trails to choose from. 
  2. Whistler Blackcomb is an expansive ski resort located in Whistler, British Columbia. The resort features more than 200 trails on 8,171 acres and has the largest vertical drop in North America. Whistler is the second most popular ski destination in Canada with a wide range of slopes to suit all abilities. 
  3. Lake Louise, located in Banff National Park, is known for its variety of slopes, with 25% beginner-level slopes, 45% intermediate trails, and 30% dedicated to advanced skiers.
  4. Mont-Tremblant in Quebec has ample snow and slopes catering to all levels, from beginners to experts. The ski destination is in the pristine Laurentian Mountains, about 145 km (90 miles) north of Montreal. 
  5. Jasper is in the picturesque Rocky Mountains in Jasper National Park in Alberta. As Canada’s fifth most visited ski destination, Jasper has expansive bowls, powder snow, and breathtaking tree-lined trails. 
  6. Fernie is located on Lizard Range, near the town of Fernie, British Columbia. Renowned for plentiful powder snow and varied trails for all levels, Fernie attracts skiers of all ability levels. 
  7. Big White is a famous Canadian ski location for families and beginners. The resort is located on Big White Mountain in British Columbia and features 2,765 skiable acres.
  8. Shames Mountain is the eighth most visited ski resort in Canada. The British Columbia ski area is nestled in the majestic North Coast Mountain Range and includes well-groomed trails that offer downhill and cross-country skiing. 
  9. Panorama Mountain in British Columbia includes 2,847 acres of varied terrain with slopes for every level. 

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