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Visited Names Top Ancient Roman Sites Outside Italy

The popular travel app Visited has named the most popular ancient Roman sites outside of Italy. With over 1.75 million users, Visited is the best travel map app for finding top destinations, planning dream getaways, and seeing custom travel stats. You can mark off places you’ve been and where you’d like to go using the Visited app. See more top travel lists, swipe through and bookmark bucket list destinations, and more with Visited.

The top Roman sites outside of Italy according to Visited users are:

  1. Bath, England is the most visited Roman ruin outside Greece and Italy. Bath is named after the Roman baths that were built two thousand years ago in the town. Roman people in Britain came to the site to worship the goddess Sulis Minerva and bathe in the waters of the natural hot springs. The thermal baths remain today in the historic bath complex. Visitors can also tour the ruins of the Temple of Sulis Minerva and a museum located next to the baths.
  1. Ephesus, Turkey is the second most visited Roman site outside of Italy. The ancient port city was built in the 10th century B.C. and came under Roman control in 129 BC. The Roman ruins at Ephesus include the Library of Celsus building and a theater that can hold up to 24,000 spectators.
  1. Pont Du Gard, France is the third most visited Roman attraction outside of Italy. Pont Du Gard is an ancient Roman aqueduct bridge built in the first century AD. The bridge crosses the River Gardon in southern France and is open to the public to walk and bike across. 
  1. Diocletian’s Palace, Croatia is an ancient palace that was built for the Roman emperor Diocletian in 293 AD. The palace makes up half of the old town of Split, Croatia, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The original palace includes 16 towers, of which 3 remain. The majestic palace stands as a backdrop in a living museum in the vibrant city of Split. 
  1. Hadrian’s Wall, England also known as the Roman Wall, is a wall that is 73 miles (117.5 kilometers) long in northern England. Construction on the wall began in AD 122 under the Roman Emperor Hadrian. The massive fortified wall is the largest Roman archaeological site in England. 

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