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Visited Names 20 Most Popular Beer Destinations

Most Popular Beer Destinations

The world’s most popular beer destinations offer tours of some of the world’s best breweries. Visitors can see how the beer is brewed and enjoy the taste of a rich array of flavors. This list is based on users of the popular travel app Visited, which includes bucket list destinations around the world. You can mark off where you’ve been, get a personalized travel map, and plan your dream vacation using the Visited app. Browse top destinations, see top travel lists, and bookmark your favorite destinations using the Visited app. 

For those looking for a visualization and a perfect gift for beer lovers is Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour.

These are the 20 most visited beer destinations in the world, according to Visited:

1. London

It’s no surprise that London, England, is the world’s first most visited beer destination. London City has over 1,000 pubs, and they are known for a great pint after work with friends. As pubs become even more popular in London, so have specially crafted beers. Brewdog is one of the top pubs in London, founded in 2007. They are known for crafted beers such as Punk IPA, Wingman, Hazy Jane, and Planet Pale Ale. 

2. Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam, visitors are not looking for a pub. They flock to brown cafes to drink amazing craft beer, have a few bitterballens, and maybe a slice of apple pie. The casual bars are called brown cafes because when smoking was allowed inside bars, the smoke turned the paint or wallpaper to an old brownish color. One of the best brown cafes in Amsterdam is Café ’t Smalle, which is very popular with locals, tourists, and families. The Café ’t Smalle dates back to 1786 when it was a distillery.

3. Rome

Rome, Italy, has more than wine and pasta restaurants. The travel mecca also has artisanal brews and plenty of bars to enjoy them in. Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a famous premium pilsner in Italy that’s light and perfect to enjoy in Rome’s mild weather. A local beer hotspot in Rome is Open Baladin. The bar was established in 2009 in central Via degli Specchi in the Campo dei Fiori neighborhood. They carry 100 different bottles of beer and 40 of the best draft Italian beers.

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4. New York City

New York City is known for its great selection of craft beers and a wide variety of pubs, breweries, and bars. The city boasts over 400 independent breweries scattered across the five boroughs. These breweries experiment with a wide range of styles, from classic lagers to innovative sours and stouts. One of the best places to find crafted brews is in the Bronx. With a long history of brewers from the Dutch settlers, the Bronx is the place to go. Visitors flock to the Bronx Brewery, which opened in 2011. It has a great community vibe with a backyard and family-friendly atmosphere. 

5. Prague

Prague, often called “the beer capital of the world,” is a popular beer destination known for its long history of craft beer and its deep roots in the country’s culture. The city is the birthplace of Pilsner-style beer, which was created in 1842. A top brewery in Prague is U Fleků Brewery, which has been around since it opened in 1499. The brewery is a family business, and in 1999 celebrated its 500th anniversary. 

6. Berlin

Berlin has a strong beer culture, with over 200 microbreweries and taprooms in the German city. Berlin’s rich beer history includes hundreds of years of beer brewing. The city offers a wide range of beer styles, from traditional German lagers and dunkelweizen to sours, stouts, and IPAs. Hops & Barley is a popular microbrewery in Berlin that’s conveniently located right at an M13 light rail stop.

7. Munich

Munich, Germany, is renowned for its premium beer selection and traditional beer gardens. At the heart of Munich’s brewing tradition lies the Reinheitsgebot, a centuries-old law dictating that beer can only be made with four ingredients: water, hops, barley malt, and yeast. This dedication to purity ensures high-quality, authentic Bavarian beers. Schneider Bräuhaus is a top beer destination in Munich. The brewery has a restaurant with traditional Bavarian foods and wheat beer that uses a brewing recipe from 1872.

8. Vienna 

Vienna, Austria, has a rich brewing history that goes back to the Middle Ages. Iconic beer brands like Ottakringer and Schwechater have been crafting beer in Vienna for generations. There is also a growing craft beer scene in Vienna with experimental flavors and styles of beer. 

Salm Bräu is the oldest manufacturer of brewing equipment in Europe and opened the Salm Bräu brewery restaurant and distillery in 1994. Salm Bräu has some of the best-crafted beer Vienna has to offer. 

9. Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, has a diverse beer scene, with beer to suit all tastes. Belgian yeast strains are incredibly varied and play a big role in Belgian beer’s distinct flavors and aromas. Unlike many other beers, these yeasts can produce many esters and phenols, leading to fruity, spicy, and even sour notes. Brussels Beer Project, also known as the BBP, is a popular Belgian brewery in Brussels. The BBP is known for its special craft beers like Lazy Panda, Delta IPA, and Juice Junkie. Their beer brewing process is unique, as beer is made out of recycled bread. 

10. Budapest

Budapest, Hungary, offers an array of beer selections, with traditional beer as well as a rising craft beer movement. Élesztő Budapest is the first independent craft beer pub in Budapest. The brewery serves 30 of the best craft beers on tap in Budapest. Élesztő also offers a beer brewing course to learn how to brew a beer called Brew Studio. A bonus is that Élesztő is pet-friendly.

11. Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful, balmy city in Portugal with a growing craft beer scene. After years of having two main local beers – Sagres and Super Bock, Cerveteca Lisboa, the city’s first craft beer bar, opened in 2014. Portugal’s top microbrewery and first tap room is Dois Corvos. Portugal breweries are renowned for their varied barrels that allow brewers to develop complex flavors. The city’s laid-back, inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect place to cool off with local brews. 

12. Dublin

Dublin, Ireland, is a top beer destination for its lively pub culture and long history of beer brewing. The city is home to Guinness, which was founded in 1759. The Guinness Storehouse offers interactive tours and is a bucket list destination for beer lovers. The craft beer scene is also popular, with independent breweries like The Porterhouse, White Hag, and Black Mountain serving a bevy of flavors ranging from pale ales to porters. 

13. San Francisco

San Francisco, California, has over 100 breweries within the city limits and countless more in the surrounding Bay Area. San Francisco’s brewing scene dates back to the Gold Rush era, with Anchor Brewing established in 1871. In addition to long-time favorite beer brands, San Francisco played a big role in ushering in America’s craft beer revolution. Pioneering breweries like Anchor and Fritz Maytag paved the way for the explosion of independent craft breweries across the city. Barebottle Brewing Company is a local brewery that has in-person classes, Beer Happy Hour, Deluxe Happy Hour, and Barebottle Tasting & Homebrew Class. On top of that, they have their own lineup of crafted beers like Galaxy Dust Hazy IPA.

14. Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark, is the fourteenth most visited beer destination in the world. The Nordic city has storied beer brands like Carlsberg, which put it on the map. The craft beer world is also happening in Copenhagen, with breweries like Mikkeller, Amager Bryghus, and Nørrebro Bryghus earning international acclaim, pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing. Mikkeller Bar opened in 2010 on Viktoriagade in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro neighborhood. Mikkeller is a cutting-edge architect and mad scientist brewer with beer styles that are adventurous and innovative.

15. Athens

Athens may conjure up images of ancient ruins and Mediterranean foods, but the bustling Greek city is also a worthwhile beer destination. While Mythos might be the go-to beer for many tourists, a wave of independent breweries has popped up in Athens. Brands like Septem, Noctua, and Voreia offer diverse beer tastes beyond just lagers and pilsners. Strange Brew Bottleshop & Taproom was founded in 2015 when the three founders finally found a home for the popular 10-crafted beers they brew in the downtown area of Athens. Strange Brew adds new and unique flavors to the Athens beer scene. 

16. Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland, is the perfect place to pub crawl and try a variety of beer styles. The city’s long brewing tradition dates as far back as the 12th century, with iconic names like Caledonian Brewery and Stewart Brewing. The craft beer scene in Edinburgh is thriving, with independent breweries like Pilot, Cannonball, and Dead Arm. Beer is a very integral part of Scottish culture, and there is a wide range of pubs to enjoy brews, from historic Victorian-era pubs like The Sheep Heid Inn or The Bow Bar to cozy neighborhood gems like The Blackbird or The Cumberland. 

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17. Bruges

Bruges, Belgium, is a picturesque city with a rich history of brewing dating back to the 13th century. Iconic names like De Halve Maan and Bourgogne des Flandres serve up brews crafted with generations of expertise. The city is known for its unique styles, like Flanders Red Ales, known for their tart and complex flavors, and Tripels, strong golden ales with a spicy kick. ‘T Poatersgat offers a memorable experience with an underground beer bar, also known as “The Monk’s Hole.” The cellar bar has a warm and cozy atmosphere and around 120 types of Belgian beers. 

18. Cologne

Cologne, Germany, has a deeply rooted beer culture and plenty of places to enjoy a pint. The city is known for its Kölsch, a light, golden lager that’s unique to Cologne. There is also a varied craft beer scene to explore. The Brauerei zur Malzmühle is a popular 150-year-old brewery in the heart of Cologne that’s known for its tasty beers and tasty regional cuisine. The Malzmühle brewery is a meet-up place for all people who love Cologne traditions and drinking culture. Visitors enjoy the brewed malt beer Koch’schen and herbal schnapps Mühlenkräuter.

19. Boston

Boston is synonymous with Samuel Adams, the iconic brewery that helped kickstart the American craft beer revolution. The U.S. city’s brewing history dates back to the 17th century, with names like Harpoon Brewery and Dorchester Brewing keeping the tradition alive. There are also many smaller, independent breweries to enjoy and a lively pub scene. The Democracy Brewing Company brewery and pub has been a hit since its opening on July 4th, 2018. With a taste test room, it’s a great chance to try out the main beers they brew for tap, including the flagship light ale Worker’s Pint, a pale ale Suffragette, the Consummate Rioter IPA, 1919 Strike Stout, and Fighting 54th Saison. 

20. Chicago

Chicago is a bustling American city with a rich craft beer scene. The Windy City boasts over 150 breweries within the city limits and an innovative choice of beer styles, from crisp pilsners and smoky porters to barrel-aged sours and fruited beers. Many Chicago breweries incorporate local ingredients like honey, coffee, and even cherries into their beers, adding a unique twist and supporting local producers. Goose Island Beer Co. brews some of Chicago’s most popular beers, like the 312 Wheat Beer, Neon Beer Hug American IPA, and Matilda Belgian-Style Pale Ale. 

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