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Visited App Ranks Popular Beer Destinations in Germany

The travel app Visited has ranked the most popular beer destinations in Germany based on over 1.75 million users. Visited is a popular travel planner app that allows you to mark off places you’ve been, find and save dream destinations you want to visit, set travel goals, see your travel stats, and get a personalized travel map. You can browse top travel lists and scroll through photos of the most popular bucket list destinations in the app to start planning future getaway trips. 

Germany is world-renowned for its excellent beer. With smooth lagers, small craft breweries, and internationally known beers, the country is a beer lover’s paradise. The most visited beer destinations in Germany according to the Visited app are:

  1. Berlin is the number one destination for beer in Germany. The capital city has many small craft breweries and larger nationally brewed beers. There are plenty of beer gardens to choose from. Berliner Kindl Weisse and Erdinger Hafeweizen are popular beers to try in Berlin. Sternberg is a quick, cheap beer that locals drink and is a must-try on your trip to Berlin. For locally craft brewed beer, try Thirsty Lady, a blonde ale from Heidenpeters, one of Berlin’s craft breweries.
  1. Munich is the second most visited beer destination in Germany. As home to Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world, Munich is a beer lovers’ dream. The annual beer festival happens for a few weeks every September. The city hosts plenty of beer tastings all year round, however. For a local beer to try, Augustiner is a full-flavored beer brewed in Bavaria that comes from Munich’s oldest independent brewery. 
  1. Cologne is the third most popular beer destination in Germany. The city is home to Kölsch, a style of beer originating in Cologne that is pale and hoppy. Cologne has a craft beer festival with its own version of Oktoberfest every September. 
  1. Düsseldorf is the fourth most visited place for beer lovers in Germany. Düsseldorf  has plenty of beer tastings and brewery tours to explore. A popular beer to try in Düsseldorf is Altbier, a dark beer that tastes like a lager. Some of the city’s top breweries include Uerige, Füchschen, Brauerei Kürzer, and Brauerei Schumacher.

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