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Visited App – The Best Travel App for Mapping your Travel Journey

visited app

Visited is the best travel app for creating a custom travel map, getting customized travel stats, and fulfill your bucket list. The versatile travel app with over 1 million users allows you to check off places you’ve been. See over 60 travel lists of the top places and experiences around the world by interest. Get inspired by discovering new destinations by flipping through hundreds of travel images and adding them to your Wishlist. See your personal travel stats on top 10 countries that people from your country visit and see how many countries, cities and famous places you have been to.

Download Visited for free on iOS or Android to map your travel journey and get inspired to visit other countries or destinations.

Travel Lists

Visited is the best travel app for seeing the most popular destinations in the world. Whether you want to hit the world’s top ski slopes or find out where the best beaches are, Visited has travel lists that are ranked based on popularity of other travelers visiting those attractions. In the travel app, you can see what countries are the most popular for people from your country to visit and find out the best places to go for categories ranging from kid-friendly to luxury destinations.

Some of the popular lists include:

  • Most Visited Art Museums with Louvre Museum, Vatican Museum and British Museum.
  • Capitals of the world with Paris, London and Rome topping the list.
  • Wonders of the World with Eiffel Tower, Colosseum and Venice making it to the top 3.
  • Culinary Experiences with Crepes, Paella and chocolates in Belgium satisfying travelers taste buds.
  • Cruise Ports currently Barcelona, Venice and Miami being the top most visited ports in the world.
  • Most Visited Castles includes Prague Castle which tops the list, while the famous Neuschwanstein Castle is 6th spot and Osaka Castle top the Japanese list of castles is currently ranked in 13th spot.

Travel Inspiration

The Visited app also allows you to create inspiration for your dream trip by perusing popular travel destinations around the world. Create a vision board of your ideal travel spots with the Inspiration tab in the travel app. With a streamlined, interactive swiping feature, you can mark off photos and names of places you’ve been as well as see stunning new places you’d like to visit by adding them to your want list in the app. Your bucket list will be tabulated into your own unique travel stats and you can see your progress towards your travel goals in the Progress tab of the app.

You can also mark off the places you’ve been in different countries and regions as well as specific attractions. With Visited, your experience is completely customized and the places you’ve been will be influential in determining suggested destinations for you.

Best Travel App for Mapping Your Travel Journey

When you use the Visited travel app, you can see custom map of countries, cities, or regions of where you have been or wish to travel to in the future.

Personalized Travel Stats

The Progress tab in the app allows you to see your progress toward meeting your travel goals, including showing how many countries you’ve visited and your ranking among world travelers. You can also see based on your travel lists the number of sights and experiences you had by category. All lists are automatically sorted based on popularity with the top 10 rank displayed per list.

Most Popular Destinations in the World

The most popular countries to visit in the world according to Visited include France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The average traveler using the app has been to 15 international countries. Travelers from Switzerland and Nordic countries are particularly avid travelers, as they have been to over 20 international countries, according to the travel app.

Many of the most popular destinations in the world are in Europe, with France, Italy and the United Kingdom attracting lots of international tourists. The most popular art museum is the Louvre, followed by the Vatican and British Museum. And the top World Wonders are the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, and Venice. The most visited world capitals are Paris, London, and Rome. Barcelona, Venice, and Miami top the list for the most popular cruise destinations. The top ancient sites include the Colosseum, Acropolis, and Pompeii. 

Map Printing

Visited allows you to commemorate your travels by having a custom travel map printed. You can customized your country map based on where you have been and/or want to travel to, customize your color choices, and have the travel map delivered to your home. The printed map size is 40.64 by 50.8 centimeters and is a beautiful way to celebrate your travels.

Explore the World Armed with Knowledge

Visited is the best travel app to help you explore the world with knowledge and aspiration. You can personalize your travel experience by finding and marking off the top places you’ve been in the world, and also see what destinations you are missing using the travel lists. Create your own vision board of places you’d like to visit based on suggestions from the app. With customized travel stats, Visited helps you stay on track with your travel goals, and see the fully mapped results of your trips in full color. Memorialize your travels with a custom printed map from Visited. Visited allows you to keep traveling and exploring new dream destinations, expanding your world one trip at a time.

Download Visited for free on iOS or Android to map your travel journey and get inspired to visit other countries or destinations.

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