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Unique e-mail marketing solution for the travel industry. Never before could you segment by what country or state a US based traveler wants to visit. With Visited you can segment people based on their interests such as cruising, golf, ski and 150+ travel criteria as selected by the traveler. If you want to only target people from New York or LA, you can do that too. As if that was not enough, we know what hotels or airlines they prefer, if they are a budget or luxury traveler and how many places of interest they have visited in their lifetime. Start your travel email marketing campaign today!

Our Numbers

Currently we have over 300,000 US based travelers, our traveler email list grows every day.

While most of the industry gets 1% delivery to click rate (Click Through Rate), we get 7%, because we tested what time/day is best!

Our users love to receive deals and subscribe because they love our app.

Unique Segmentation for Email Marketing

We can segment based on what travelers like to do when they travel, example includes: visiting museums, snorkeling and even attending festivals.

We know where travelers want to visit, by country or state . So why not bringing over to your destination, hotel or cruise, after all its on their travel bucket-list.

We can segment based on what city they live and how often they travel.

Our Travelers

Our travelers travel internationally and are in the middle of their travel journey.

Majority of our users 87%, are iPhone users, with only 13% of users using Android.

They still want to visit on average 27 countries.

They are well traveled internationally, with an average US traveler having visited 15 countries.

Travelers are skewing younger due to the nature of Visited being a travel app.

They are affluent with an average household income being over $75,000 USD.

Travelers are equally split, and slightly skewing female.

Unique Travel Solution

destination email marketing

Since we know that users want to visit a country or a place of interest, we can bring your destination to those that wish to visit or those that have not added it to their bucket lists yet.

hotel email marketing

Regardless if you marketing a big chain hotel or a boutique hotel, we can segment based on location proximity to wished for destination or do a massive brand awareness campaign.

airline email marketing

One of our travel lists, includes airlines flown. You can market to those that are familiar with your brand or those that wish to visit destinations that your airline can bring them there.

cruise email marketing

We can segment our travelers if they take cruises, what cruise ships they want to go on or have been and what destinations are on their bucket list. Match your unique deals with our unique users for better travel campaign ROI.

tour email marketing

What can be better than providing a tour based on the destinations the users wish to visit. We can map all the places visited based on user’s wishlist for a perfect traveler experience.

Regardless of your travel product, we can probably find the perfect segment.

How To Get Started

Simple fill out the contact us form below. If you are interested to get segmentation numbers, please provide some information on campaign.

Send us your campaign, it can be in HTML form, image and deal information or simply URL to an existing campaign page. We will do the rest. We will send you proofs prior to deployment.

See results, after campaign launches we will provide detailed report on number of sends and how many people clicked.

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