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Top 10 Food Experiences Around the World

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  1. 1. Crepes (France) – is the most popular culinary experience in the world. Crepes is a type of pancake, which came from the Brittany region in France. It comes in different varieties both sweet and savoury. The difference between sweet and savoury is not sugar as most would believe, in fact no sugar is added to the crepes itself. Sweet crepes use wheat flour while savory crepes use buckwheat and other non wheat flours. The sweetness therefore comes from filling such as hazelnut cocoa spread, lemon juice with sugar and jams. Savoury crepes come with different fillings and can be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  1. 2. Paella (Spain) – is considered a national Spanish dish however, Spaniards consider the dish to be a Valencia speciality. The dish is made with rice and seafood or meat, vegetables and sometimes beans.
  1. 3. Parisian Pastries (France)- No trip to Paris, France is complete without a visit to a Pastry café or shop. After all who can resist the smell of pastries in the morning.
  1. 4. Chocolate (Belgium) – often considered the capital of chocolate is the leader in producing the finest chocolates. It is mostly famous for the hard chocolate shell with soft cream filling, sometimes in shell or other beautiful shapes. It is interesting to note, that chocolate first came to Belgium in the 17th century when it was ruled by Spaniards, who brought the cocoa bean back from its expeditions to South America.
  2. 5. Pasta in Tuscany (Italy) Tuscany is known for being a culinary dream, which is not surprising why having Pasta in Tuscany is a popular choice among travellers. Each region in Italy has its own type of pasta, the pasta that can be found in Tuscnay is ‘Gigli’ translated as lilies, due to Florence having a lily as a local emblem.
  3. 6. Tapas in Madrid (Spain) – Tapas are a small bite size snacks which are often served for free with a drink. However, many enjoy ordering a variety of tapas and making it a meal. The tradition dates back to thirteenth century, when King Alfonso X of Castile ordered all taverns to serve alcohol only with small helping of food to reduce people from being drunk in the streets.

7. Tzatziki (Greece) – is a strained yogurt or tahini which is mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, lemon juice, herbs and olive oil is a popular dish in Greece and middle east. It is often served as a cold appetizer, side dish or sauce for souvlaki.

8. Fondue (Switzerland) – is a swiss cheese dish where a pot is put over a portal stove heated with a candle and is used to melt cheese. Bread and other foods are used to dip into the melted cheese for a savoury experience. It was promoted as a Swiss national dish and was created in the 1930s to encourage consumption of cheese and promote Swiss identity after world war I.

9. Fish and Chips (Australia) – Australia which is known for its beach scene is also known for its Fish and Chips. There are thousands of fish and chip shops in Australia and is often a popular menu item in many Australian pubs and restaurants. Having access to fresh fish, makes this a hassle free and affordable memorable meal.

10. Afternoon Tea in London (United Kingdom) – is a more than just tea, it is a light meal generally eaten between 3 and 5pm and comes with sandwiches and cakes/pastries. Its a tradition among middle and high classes to use tea time to socialize prior to the formal dinner/supper. Today you can enjoy many traditional afternoon tea in most posh hotels around London and United Kingdom.

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