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Top Countries to Visit from Switzerland

Switzerland is a European nation with a rich mix of cultures and scenic natural beauty in the Alps. The country is ranked as the 11th most visited nation in the world according to the Visited travel app. You can mark off places you’ve been and destinations you’d like to visit as well as get a custom travel map and travel stats in the Visited app. 

Tourists from Switzerland enjoy traveling around Europe and North America, with the top 10 countries to visit from Switzerland below:

  1. Italy is the number one country to visit from Switzerland. Conveniently located just south of Switzerland, Italy offers a warm Mediterranean climate, iconic ancient ruins such as the Colosseum in Rome, scenic beaches, and delicious cuisine and wine.
  1. France is the second most visited country for Swiss travelers. The Western European nation boasts iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower, world-renowned art museums, and delectable chocolate, food, and wine. 
  1. Germany comes in as the third most popular destination to visit from Switzerland. Towering castles, picturesque forests, part of the Alps, and museums and restaurants in Berlin and Munich continue to attract tourists. 
  1. Spain is the fourth most visited country by Swiss tourists. With beautiful beaches and unique art and architecture in Barcelona and Madrid, the European country has plenty of things to see and do. 
  2. The UK ranks as the fifth most popular destination from Switzerland. The Tower of London, Westminster, and Windsor Castle are just a few of the top attractions that make the UK a sought-after destination.

6. Austria is the sixth most visited country for Swiss travelers. The European nation includes the eastern Alps, castles, museums, and Vienna Opera house. 

7. The U.S. is the seventh most popular nation to visit from Switzerland. The North American country includes big-city skyscrapers and landmarks in New York City and Chicago as well as natural beauty with beaches, mountains, and canyons. 

8. Greece is the eighth destination on the list. The Southern European country includes ancient ruins in Athens, pristine beaches, and a warm Mediterranean climate. 

9. The Netherlands is a northwestern European country that ranks as the ninth most visited place from Switzerland. With the world-famous Red Light District and canals in Amsterdam as well as tulip fields and windmills, the Netherlands has plenty to see. 

10. Portugal is the tenth most visited country for Swiss travelers. The Southern European nation entices tourists with white sandy beaches, castles, monasteries, and historic landmarks. 

Have you been to any of the most visited countries for Switzerland? You can browse top tourist destinations around the world, create your own travel bucket list, plan your next trip and get a printed personalized map of your travels using the Visited app. 

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