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Top 20 Chocolate Destinations to Visit in the World

The most popular chocolate destinations in the world offer award-winning chocolates in cities that reign supreme with the world’s best chocolatiers. The top 20 chocolate destinations were ranked by the Visited travel app, which has over 2 million users. Using the Visited app, you can mark off places you’ve been and find destinations to add to your bucket list. Use the Visited app to get your personalized travel map and browse top destinations worldwide. Learn more and optimize your travel plans by downloading the Visited app today.

The top chocolate destinations in the world are:

1. Paris

Paris, France, is the number one city for chocolate. French chocolate has a high concentration of cocoa butter, making it richer, creamier, and longer-lasting. A popular chocolatier in Paris is La Maison du Chocolat. It opened its doors in 1977 and has been dedicated to chocolate ever since. The first La Maison du Chocola chocolate boutique, which opened in 1977, is on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and is still there today. The City of Light has delectable chocolate selections throughout the city, with sinfully sweet chocolate eclairs, bonbons, macaroons, and bars. 

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2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands, has some of the most decadent chocolate in the world, with popular brands like Puccini Bomboni and Droste. Puccini Bomboni is famous for its bonbons and candy set, the Opera Selection. The Opera Selection is known for its rich taste and surprising ingredient combinations, like nuts, fruit, and liquors. Dutch chocolate is renowned for its smooth, dark, rich qualities. Dutch cocoa is processed in an alkali solution, which makes it less acidic than natural cocoa.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, is known as the “eternal city of chocolate,” which dates back to the 16th century, when chocolate was first brought to Europe. The first chocolate machine in Barcelona was built in 1780. VALOR is the most popular and largest chocolate company in Spain. The VALOR Chocolate Museum is a must-see when visiting the lively Spanish city. The museum is located in an old building that was once the family factory and displays one of the best chocolate-making machines ever used.

4. New York

New York City, U.S., is the world’s fourth most visited chocolate destination. The bustling city is home to a wide range of chocolates from around the world, with delicious bonbons, handmade chocolate bars, truffles, spiced hot cocoa, and more. Li-Lac Chocolates is Manhattan’s oldest chocolate house that still uses its original recipe, cooking techniques, and ingredients. With over 120 items, Li-Lac Chocolates is famous for sweet truffles, bonbons, butter crunch, and almond barks. The Brooklyn location of Li-Lac Chocolates has glass windows so visitors can see the art of chocolate making in action.

5. Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, is known for its long-standing tradition of chocolate making. Jean Neuhaus Jr. of Neuhaus Chocolate invented the Belgian praline in 1912. The Belgian praline is famous for its rich, creamy, soft praline, with a ganache of 64% dark chocolate made with cocoa from Peru. Other top chocolate brands in Belgium include Côte d’Or and Godiva. The Grand Place, the main square in Brussels, includes mouth-watering chocolates sold at a variety of venerable chocolate shops around the square.

6. Vienna

Vienna, Austria, has world-famous chocolates that have been satisfying sweet tooths for generations. Several popular chocolate houses are located in Old Town Vienna. Heindl Chocolate, created by Johann Heindl, a sugar baker from Vienna, dates back to 1841. Famous for its version of the Mozartkugeln, known as the Heindl, Mozartkugeln is a beloved chocolate throughout Austria. These little candies are bite-sized marzipan and nougat centers covered in dark chocolate. 

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7. San Francisco

San Francisco, California, is the second most popular chocolate destination in the U.S. and the seventh most visited worldwide. The Bay Area is home to chocolate giant Ghirardelli and local small-batch chocolates at shops like Dandelion Chocolate. San Francisco’s Ghirardelli experience honors a rich chocolate legacy. Domenico Ghirardelli, an Italian chocolatier, arrived during the Gold Rush. Domenico Ghirardelli opened his first shop in 1850, offering miners sweet treats. Today, Ghirardelli is a household name, famous for its iconic square chocolates and delectable varieties of hot chocolate.

8. Bruges

Bruges, Belgium, is home to around 60 chocolate factories, making it a chocolate lover’s dream. Mary’s Chocolatier is one of Bruges’s oldest and best chocolate shops. Known as the Belgian Royal Warrant Holder, Mary’s Chocolatier dates back to 1919. The shop’s namesake and creator is Mary Delluc. Mary pioneered the art of chocolate making in Brussels. Mary’s chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter and often features fresh cream for a rich taste. Mary’s most famous pieces are the Paola, a lemon cream praline, and the Gabriel, a vanilla cream with walnut kernel praline. 

9. Zurich

Swiss chocolate is world-renowned for its rich flavors. Lindt chocolate hails from Switzerland, and its headquarters is located on the west shore of Lake Zurich. Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, has a rich chocolate history and many unique shops. The most famous chocolatier is the Läderach, known for its large slabs of FrischSchoggi chocolate with many different flavors and toppings. Sprungli is a household name in Switzerland. The Swiss chocolatier is the oldest chocolate company in Zurich, dating back to 1836.

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10. Cologne

Cologne, Germany, has smooth, creamy chocolate options at local chocolate shops and a museum dedicated to chocolate. Small local shops like Schokoladenwerkstatt are popular for their handcrafted chocolate truffles and pralines. The German city also has traditional bakeries with handmade desserts like Baumkuchen (layered cake) and other pastries with chocolate in them. Cologne is also known for its regional specialties that incorporate chocolate. Schokoladenmuseum, the Chocolate Museum, was established in 1993 and is a must-see for chocolate lovers.

11. Bangkok

Bangkok offers chocolate brands native to Thailand that offer delicious chocolate using local ingredients and unique flavors. The most popular is Kad Kokoa, which is well-known for its Bangkok-based company that sources cocoa beans from different regions in Thailand. Kad Kokoa is famous for its 70% dark chocolate, which has a smooth texture and roasted almond taste. Xoconat offers delectable options for small-batch chocolate, including vegan chocolate made with coconut milk. Another Thai chocolate maker is Aimmika Chocolat, which specializes in chocolates infused with Thai fruits and spices.

12. Tuscany, Chocolate Valley

Tuscany, Italy, is the home of many chocolatiers with award-winning chocolates. The Chocolate Valley is nestled between Prato, Pisa, and Pistoia and is named for the plentiful chocolates in the area. Slitti is one popular chocolate destination with incredible chocolate in a cafe-style experience in Monsummano Terme. Award-winning chocolatier Amedei is the world’s first female master and highly respected chocolate maker. Amedei is known for its single-origin chocolates, which are made with a rare Porcelana cocoa bean. Pasticceria Mannori, another local chocolatier, is famous for using traditional methods to handcraft pralines and chocolate eggs.

13. Seattle

Seattle, Washington, has innovative chocolate makers that attract visitors from around the world. Seattle is home to the bean-to-bar movement, where chocolate companies in the U.S. emphasize ethical sourcing and control over the chocolate-making process. Theo Chocolate is an ethical chocolatier famous for its variety of chocolate bars and truffles. With exciting flavor combinations such as Theo Almond Brittle Crunch 55% Dark Chocolate Bar, the shop is a hit with chocolate lovers. Fran’s Chocolates is another local chocolate shop with creative pieces like the popular Coconut Gold Bars. The chocolate bars are made with coconut and white chocolate ganache, rum, and roasted almonds covered in dark chocolate. 

14. Birmingham

Birmingham, England, is home to the legacy of John Cadbury and Cadbury Chocolate. John Cadbury opened his first business in 1824 and served tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate. Soon after, Cadbury began producing chocolate bars. In 1905, Cadbury launched the Dairy Milk chocolate bar. This innovation involved incorporating more milk into the recipe, creating a sweeter and creamier chocolate that became a huge success. Cadbury is famous for its small square-like chocolates. Over 21.4 million people in England eat the Cadbury bar.

15. Honolulu

Honolulu has a variety of bean-to-bar chocolate shops that use high-quality, ethically sourced cacao beans and create delicious and unique chocolate confections. Award-winning small chocolate shops like Manoa Chocolate use ethically sourced cacao beans. Manoa Chocolate is famous for its dark chocolate bars, truffles, and specialties that feature local flavors. The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory on Oahu gives factory tours that entice chocolate lovers worldwide. The tours include tastings of a variety of chocolate products made with locally sourced ingredients. Diamond Head Chocolate is an award-winning chocolate shop in Ala Moana Center that creates chocolates using single-origin, ethically sourced cacao beans. They also offer chocolate-making classes where visitors can learn about the chocolate-making process and create their own chocolate bars.

16. Vietnam

Vietnam is the sixteenth most visited chocolate destination. Vietnam offers a growing scene of bean-to-bar chocolate makers creating exciting new flavors using locally sourced ingredients. The country is famous for craft chocolate and has bars infused with local ingredients like ginger, candied peanuts, Vietnamese coffee, durian, sea salt, and even black pepper. Several Vietnamese chocolate brands are gaining international recognition. Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat is among the top ones, using single-origin Vietnamese cacao beans in their variety of bars with different percentages and flavor profiles. Vietnam is also known for its chocolate drinks – ca cao da (iced cocoa) and ca cao nóng (hot cocoa). These chocolate drinks are thicker, creamier and richer in chocolate and other local spices. 

17. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is gaining a name for its single-origin dark chocolate made from Trinitario cocoa beans. Small local award-winning companies like Sibú Chocolate specialize in keeping the ingredients local, using Trinitario cocoa beans in all its famous bars, like the Sibo Dark with Salted Caramel 70% cacao bar and the Sibo ‘Pure Cacao’ 100% cacao bar. Another local brand is Nahua Chocolate, which deals directly with local farmers and offers chocolates with unique flavor combinations and fillings. Local farmers’ markets also offer a taste of handcrafted chocolate.

18. Turin

Turin, Italy, is a chocolate hub with a rich history, including centuries of chocolate production. One of the most famous chocolatiers in Turin is Giandujotto, which dates back to 1865. The chocolate maker is known for its rectangular block of smooth, creamy gianduja. This chocolate is a paste made with Piedmont hazelnuts covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate. The most popular flavors at Giandujotto include dark, pistachio, extra dark, milk, and white chocolate. One of the most beloved chocolates in Turin is Cremino, a chocolate creation with three layers. 

19. Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey, Pennsylvania, is the birthplace of Hershey’s chocolate. The U.S. chocolate destination was the first American company to mass-produce chocolate. During World War II, Hershey became very popular with American soldiers when the U.S. government had Hershey make special chocolate bars that wouldn’t melt to give to soldiers. Hershey is now over 100 years old and is one of the largest mass producers of chocolate. Hershey has its own town and theme park, to chocolate lovers’ delight. The company is famous for its three classics – the Hershey Bar, Hershey Kiss, and Mr. Goodbar. 

20. Mexico City

Mexico City is known for its historic chocolatiers, such as Motivos Prehispánicos, which are chocolates shaped like Mayan symbols. Motivos Prehispánicos uses 100% Tabascan cacao. Another popular brand of chocolate in Mexico City is Qué Bo! The chocolate maker is known for innovative combinations, using ingredients like mole sauce and worm salt. Mexico City is very popular for its local hot chocolate scene. The hot chocolate served here is thick with flavors of chocolate, cinnamon, and chili. Street vendors and cafes serve the sweet and spicy beverage. 

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