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Top 10 Most Visited Wonders in The World

Check the list of the top 10 world wonders below, scroll through for travel inspirations, add to your bucket list, and start planning your next trip!

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1.Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) -Constructed in 1887, is made of entirely out of iron. It is the most visited world wonder in the world. It is found in the heart of Paris and is the most iconic symbol of France.

2. Colosseum (Rome, Italy) – Colosseum is a amphitheatre build during the Roman times. It is the largest in the world and unlike other amphitheatres it is a freestanding tower. Located in the heart of Rome it is the second most visited world wonder in the world.

3. Venice (Venice, Italy) – Is considered a world wonder due to its unique canal infrastructure. Today no trip to Venice is complete without a ride on its canals which is compromised by 118 islands and is connected by 455 bridges. Venice is the third most popular world wonder visited as per Visited’s international travellers.

4. Empire State Building (New York, United States) – No trip to New York goes without seeing the Empire State Building, an icon engineering world wonder. Construction begun in 1930s and was the tallest building of its kind. Today visitors can visit the 86th and 102nd floor for 360 views of New York.

most visited wonders in the world

5. La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain) – The only world wonder to be under construction. La Sagrada Familia is found in Barcelona Spain and is due to be completed in 2026 however, maybe pushed back due to the global pandemic. It was designed over 140 years ago by Antoni Gaudi.

6. Versailles Palace (Versailles, France) – Is the former royal residence of the famous Sun King. Build about 12 Miles/ 19 km from Paris. It is was build by Louis XIII as a simple hunting lodge has been turned into the wonderful palace with its vast art collection and gardens by the famous Sun King.

7. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Pisa, Italy) – What was suppose to be a simple tower due to its unstable foundation has turned into the famous leaning tower. The architect of the tower is currently debated.

8. St. Peters Basilica (Vatican) – Is world’s largest church located in Vatican, its main attraction is the 1499 artwork by Michelangelo which is a status of Mary holding the body of Jesus. Many catholic pilgrimages also come to the church to listen to pope’s speeches.

9. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, United States) – Iconic bridge is orange color and art deco style can be found in San Francisco. Completed in 1937 it was the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world.

10. Grand Canyon (Arizona, United States) – Grand Canyon Arizona is the 10th most visited world wonder as ranked by Visited users. It encompasses 447km or 278 miles of the Colorado River and is the most beautiful example of erosion anywhere in the world. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking for those that love nature.

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