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Top 10 Most Popular Underground Cities Worldwide

The top 10 most popular underground cities in the world include ancient buried civilizations as well as thriving, modern subterranean metropolises. The travel app Visited calculates the most visited underground cities based on user data from over 1.5 million travelers. You can browse top 10 travel lists, scratch off places you’ve been, set travel goals, get a customized printed map of your travels, and more using the free app, Visited app. 

If you love urban exploring, you will want to check out these underground cities. These are the top 10 most popular underground cities according to Visited:

  1. Paris Catacombs are the most visited underground city in the world. The underground tunnel network beneath the City of Light holds the remains of more than six million people in structures that were built to consolidate Paris’s ancient stone quarries.
  1. Petra City or the “Lost City” is an ancient archaeological site in the desert of southwest Jordan. The buried city dates back to about 300 B.C. and an estimated 85 percent of the ancient city is still intact underground. 
  1. Wieliczka Salt Mine is a salt mine in Wieliczka, southern Poland, dating back to the 13th century. Tours of the salt mines go down to depths of more than 100 meters to explore the many items carved out of salt in the remarkable mine that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  1. Naples Underground City includes a fascinating look at history underneath the ancient Italian city of Naples, with an extensive system of tunnels, caves, and catacombs.
  2. Berlin Bunkers are underground bunkers and air raid shelters that were built in Germany during World War II. Many of the bunkers are open to the public for historic tours, including bunkers under the Gesundbrunnen train station and the Atomschutzbunker – or Story of Berlin – museum.
Most Popular Underground Cities Worldwide

6. Montreal Underground City, or RÉSO, is a bustling underground network including tunnels, shopping centers, office buildings, residential complexes, and transit stations beneath the city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. 

7. Mesa Verde City in Mesa Verde National Park, a U.S. National Park near Cortez, Colorado, includes underground dwellings called kivas that the native Pueblonians built into the rugged cliffs. 

8. Edinburgh Vaults or South Bridge Vaults in Edinburgh are a series of caverns formed in the 19 arches of the South Bridge in 18th century Scotland.

9. Toronto PATH is an underground pedestrian walkway linking over 70 buildings, including office complexes and shopping centers in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  

10. Seattle Underground City is a subterranean network of passageways and basements beneath the Pioneer Square neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, U.S. 

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