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Top 10 Most Popular Food Experiences in the U.S.

Most Popular Food Experiences in the U.S.

Food is part of travel and some may even travel just for that steak (think Kobe Beef in Japan or Asado in Argentina). The travel app Visited allows travellers to check off famous food experiences around the world. The app also lets users track their travels on different travel lists and by personalizing their travels on custom map. For those looking for their next destination, you can scroll through top travel lists, inspirations and mark places that you wish to travel to. The travel app will then rank the countries based on quantity of sites you wish to see.

The top 10 most popular culinary experiences in the U.S. include:

  1. Deli in New York is the most popular food experience in the U.S. The best deli in the city is Katz’s, serving an authentic Jewish-style sandwich with pastrami on rye.
  2. Texas BBQ is world-renowned. The Pecan Lodge in Dallas is stellar, with mouth-watering brisket, beef ribs, and delectable side dishes.
  3. Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago includes Giordano’s, which has the classic Chicago-style deep dish crust with meat, veggies, and cheese on the bottom and the sauce on top.
  4. New England Clam Chowder is a must for seafood lovers. You’ll find one of the best chowders at Boston Sail Loft. 
  5. Maine Lobster Roll is fresh and delicious. The Clam Shack in Kennebunk serves fresh lobster on a hamburger bun instead of a standard roll. 
  6. New Orleans Cajun and French influences have created unique food such as jambalaya and gumbo. Enjoy these dishes at Olde Nola Cookery on Bourbon Street.
  7. Hawaiian Luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast with Hawaiian music and hula. Typical dishes at this feast are lomi salmon, poke, poi, kālua puaʻa, opihi, and haupia, beer.
  8. Organic Food in Napa Valley, California, is one of the most incredible places to have farm-to-table meals. Grace’s Table is a hit with tourists.
  9. Drinking Bourbon in Kentucky is a unique experience with premium, straight Bourbon. The Amsden Bourbon Bar in Versailles has hundreds of bourbons to try.
  10. Gooey Butter Cake was created in the 1930s by a German-American baker. Two ingredients were miss-measured, butter and flour, making the cake dense on the bottom and gooey on top.

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