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Top 10 Destinations on Americans Bucket List

Top 10 Destinations on Americans Bucket List

The most sought-after countries that Americans want to visit include stunning natural landscapes as well as cultural attractions. The top 10 destinations Americans want to travel is based on over 275,000 U.S. users and their country bucket-lists.

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According to Visited’s 2022 Travel Report, these are the top 10 destinations Americans want to visit:

  1. Australia is the most desired destination for American travelers, with 55 percent of U.S. users wanting to visit the Land Down Under. Australia has plenty to see and do, with unique wildlife like koalas and kangaroos, as well as remarkable natural beauty that’s the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities like snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and relaxing on the beach
  1. Greece is the second most sought-after destination among American tourists, with 48 percent of American Visited users wanting to visit Greece. With its mild Mediterranean climate, delectable cuisine and wine, laid-back lifestyle, and iconic ancient sites, Greece entices travelers in search of relaxation and culture. 
  1. New Zealand is tied as the second most wanted destination for Americans, with 48 percent of American Visited users desiring to go to New Zealand. The island nation features breathtaking landscapes, including pristine beaches and lush mountains, as well as plenty of culture and entertainment in cities like Auckland and Wellington. 
  1. Brazil is the next most wished-for destination among American travelers. With remarkable natural beauty including rainforests, beaches, mountains, ancient sites, and bustling cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, Brazil is a sought-after place to travel. 
  1. Japan ranks next on the list. With iconic architectural attractions like Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree, the world’s tallest tower, the country’s capital offers endless things to do for tourists. Mount Fuji, Osaka Castle, and historic Kyoto also attract millions of visitors per year. 
  1. Ireland is close behind Japan, with 41 percent of Americans wanting to visit the Emerald Isle. Ireland has a rich cultural history, sprawling green hills, mountains, castles, and plenty of entertainment, pubs, and museums in cities like Dublin and Cork. 
  1. Egypt is a bucket list destination for 40 percent of American Visited users. The north African country has iconic ancient wonders like the pyramids and a rich cultural heritage. 
  1. Iceland is another wishlist destination for Americans. The Nordic country offers incredible natural beauty with geysers, glaciers, hot springs, lava fields, and waterfalls. 
  1. Norway is another bucket list destination that entices Americans with picturesque mountains, fjords, Northern Lights, and plenty of winter sports. 
  1. South Africa is the tenth most desired destination, with the allure of safaris, an incredible diversity in wildlife, and stunning natural landscapes. 

Have you been to any of these bucket list destinations? Where would you like to travel? Download the Visited travel app and start setting your travel goals today. 

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