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Top 10 Destinations for People from South Korea to Visit

Top 10 Destinations for People from South Korea to Visit

South Korea offers scenic countryside areas, historic Buddhist temples, and modern entertainment in high-tech cities like Seoul. The East Asian nation ranks as the 56th most popular country to visit according to over 1.65 million users of the travel app Visited. You can scratch off places you’ve traveled, find new bucket list destinations, and see top travel lists using the Visited app. 

Travelers from South Korea enjoy exploring the world, with the top 10 destinations for people from South Korea ranked below:

  1. Japan is the number one destination for visitors from South Korea. The island nation includes historic Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines as well as skyscrapers and ultra-modern amenities in the densely populated capital city of Tokyo.
  1. China, the most populated country in the world, is the second most visited country from South Korea. China has a rich history, with sites like the Great Wall of China and ancient Buddhist temples as well as modern architecture and entertainment in the capital of Beijing. 
  1. The U.S. ranks as the third most visited destination for tourists coming from South Korea. The North American nation has iconic natural sites like the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountains as well as skyscrapers and ample entertainment in cities like Los Angeles and New York City. 
  1. Thailand is the fourth most visited country for South Koreans. The Southeast Asian nation has a warm, welcoming climate, pristine beaches, ancient ruins, and the ultramodern city of Bangkok. 
  2. France is the fifth most popular place to visit for South Korean travelers. The Western European nation has legendary art and architecture including the Eiffel Tower in Paris as well as mouth-watering cuisine and wine.

6. Italy is the sixth most visited country for South Koreans. The Southern European nation attracts tourists with ancient Roman ruins in Rome, canals in Venice, and delectable dining throughout the country. 

7. The UK ranks as the seventh most visited country, enticing South Korean visitors with castles, ancient ruins at Stonehenge, and modern entertainment and historic architecture in London. 

8. Hong Kong, located south of China, is the eighth most popular place for South Korean tourists. Hong Kong has a mix of modern skyscrapers and centuries-old temples and the night markets are a popular attraction for visitors. 

9. Germany is the ninth most visited country for people coming from South Korea. The Western European nation offers an eclectic mix of culture, history, and natural beauty, with the Alps, castles, art museums, and picturesque forests and rivers. 

10. The Philippines comes in tenth on the list of popular destinations. The Southeast Asian country is famous for its tropical beaches and natural beauty. 

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