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Top 10 Cruise Ports in The World

top 10 cruise ports

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  1. 1. Barcelona, Spain – is the most visited cruise port in the world. This is not surprising as there is so much to see from architecture of Antoni Gaudí famous of Sagrada Familia, to the beautiful coastline along with an yummy food scene.

2. Venice, Italy– is the 2nd most visited cruise port in the world. Visitors are often in awe the city which is built on a group of 118 islands and is linked by over 400 bridges.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands – is the 3rd most visited cruise port in the world. Just like Venice, Amsterdam is full of canals, in fact there are about 90 islands with over 1,500 bridges.

4. Miami, United States – is the most visited cruise port in the United States and 4th in the world. Famous for its departure of cruise lines to the Caribbean and Central America. Miami is known for its nightlife, Cuban inspired cuisine, Art Deco and of course South Beach Miami.

5. New York, United States – is the 2nd most visited cruise port in United States and 5th in the world. It is famous for cross Atlantic cruises, Bermuda and Caribbean cruise stops.

6. Lisbon, Portugal – has no shortage of attractions for visitors. For those that love history are aware of Portuguese pioneering role in world exploration, think Brazil. There is maritime museum, Vasco de Gama statue and famous church from where explores used to pray prior to their voyages across the Atlantic.

7. Cozumel, Mexico – Is an island off the coast of Mayan Riviera. It is known for its diving and snorkelling reefs.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark – Similar to Amsterdam, Copenhagen is known for its canals. It is also home of famous writer of children’s novels Hans Christian Andersen whose literary status can be found around the town including the famous little mermaid.

9. Stockholm, Sweden – The capital of Sweden is built on 14 islands, there is beautiful medieval old town including royal palace and cathedrals. For those that love ships, do not miss the Vasa Ship Museum.

10. Helsinki, Finland – Is the 10th most visited port in the world. Finland is most famous for its Finnish sauna, perfect place to relax from the hectic everyday stresses.

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