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Top 10 Countries to Visit For New Zealanders

New Zealand is a beautiful island nation that ranks as the 54th most visited country to travel to based on the travel map app Visited. You can mark off places you’ve been, map out your dream destinations, browse top travel lists, and get a personalized printed map of your travels using the Visited app. The popular travel app has over 1.65 million users. 

New Zealanders enjoy traveling around the world, with the top 10 countries to visit from New Zealand listed below:

1. Australia is the most popular destination to visit from New Zealand. The fellow island nation offers world-class surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving at beautiful beaches and ocean reefs, and has a vibrant mix of wildlife, including kangaroos and koalas. 

2. The UK is the second most visited destination from New Zealand. The European nation is home to iconic sites such as Tower Bridge and Westminster in London as well as historic attractions like Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. 

3. France ranks as the third most visited country for tourists from New Zealand. With unique sites like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum in Paris and legendary cuisine and wine, France has plenty to see and do. 

4. The U.S. is the fourth most popular destination from New Zealand. The North American country has big-city entertainment and skyscrapers in New York City as well as natural beauty, with the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, and white sandy beaches.

5. Italy comes in fifth on the list, drawing in tourists seeking art, culture, fashion, and delicious cuisine. From the Colosseum in Rome to the canals in Venice, Italy has ample things to do.

6. Germany is the sixth most visited country for New Zealanders. The Western European nation includes picturesque forests and mountains, medieval villages, and unique art and architecture in cities like Berlin and Munich. 

7. Spain ranks as the seventh most visited country to travel to from New Zealand. With a warm Mediterranean climate, a vibrant mix of cultures and architecture in Barcelona, and white sandy beaches, Spain continues to invite tourists to enjoy the good life. 

8. The Netherlands is the eighth most visited nation for New Zealanders. The world-famous Red Light District, biking culture, and canals of Amsterdam offer lots to explore. 

9. Thailand is the ninth most popular country to visit from New Zealand. The Southeast Asian nation includes a warm, tropical climate, pristine beaches, historic temples, ancient ruins, and endless entertainment in the city of Bangkok. 

10. Singapore is the tenth most visited country for New Zealanders. The island country has opulent architecture, perfectly manicured gardens and public spaces, and historic temples to see. 

Have you been to any of the top 10 countries to visit from New Zealand? You can scratch off where you’ve traveled, set travel goals, and see how your travel stats stack up against other international tourists using the Visited travel app.

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