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Top 10 Destinations for Canadian Travellers

If you live in Canada and are wondering where other Canadians travel, here is a list of the top 10 most visited countries by Canadians. This list was created by the users of our app, Visited.

  1. United States – Closest neighbour to Canada and not surprisingly is the number one country visited by Canadians. There are many things to do in the US: watching shows in New York, taking the children to theme parks such as Disneyland, catching the surf in California or hiking in the national parks.
  2. Mexico – The second most visited country by Canadians. A short flight south gets you to the world’s best beaches. For those looking for a nice snorkelling destination head to Cozumel, while Cancun is a party spot, those living on the west coast Los Cabos is where the resorts most often visited. There is plenty of historical sites to observe for those that are interesting the Mayan history.
  3. France – The most popular country to visit in the world is third most visited country by Canadians. Most popular city to visit is Paris, with its museums, palaces, gardens and of course the no one can forget the cuisine.
  4. United Kingdom – The second most popular European country to visit for Canadians. UK has to offer everything from golf, to castles to pubs.
top destinations for canadian travellers
  1. 5. Italy – Italy is the second most popular country to visit amongst all international travellers and its not surprising to be in the fifth spot for Canadians. Italy is often visited for its Roman ruins, Venetian canals and Milanese fashion. Food and wine lovers often head to Tuscany. Beach goers can soak up the sun in Sicilian beaches or Amalfi coast.
  2. 6. Germany – Canadians will find lots to do and see in Germany. For those that love speed, they will enjoy taking the car out on the Autobahn which in parts lacks the speed limit. There is the black forest with magic castles to visit. Those that love the arts and history both are abounded in Berlin.
  3. 7. Spain – Spain has everything from museums in Madrid to beaches in Costa Del Sol. Those looking for historical sights often head to Grenada. While Barcelona is famous for its architecture mostly due to architect Antonio Gaudi who is the behind the still under construction Sagrada Familia. For those looking for a spiritual journey Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage not to be forgotten. While those who love music and are looking for a great party Ibiza is where its at!
  4. 8. Cuba – This large Caribbean island is the second most visited beach destination. Cuba offers affordable vacations with stunning beaches and rich and storied history.
  5. 9. Netherlands – Is a delight for those that love gardens, The Netherlands is famous for its tulips. Visitors often go to Amsterdam which is known for its canals, architecture, museums and nightlife.
  6. 10. Dominican Republic – The third most visited beach destination for Canadians, Dominican Republic offers no shortage of all inclusive resorts in stunning tropics with gorgeous beaches.

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