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Top 10 Cities With The Best Beer in The World

cities with best beer

Get inspired by the Visited App’s most visited Beer Destinations around the world list. With the Visited app, you can access lists that align with your travel goals and see destinations that you must visit. Our world-traveling users are inspiring other travel enthusiasts, and these robust lists are based on the popularity of the many different places our many users have been to. Download the Visited app today on iOS or Android so you can plan and keep track of your upcoming travels and have fun checking off your travel bucket list. See how much of the world you can cover! Top 10 Beer destinations include:

  1. 1. London, United Kingdom – Some consider drinking in the U.K. a national sport, which is not surprising why it is the most visited beer destination in the world. London even has a mile long brewery street found on Maltby Street Market.
  1. 2. Amsterdam, Netherlands – the biggest name among the Dutch beer remains Heineken which produces pilsner beers. There are a lot of craft beer breweries that are found in the outskirts of Amsterdam, but their beers can be found in the cities local pubs.
  1. 3. Rome, Italy – Most people when thinking about Rome think about having a nice glass of wine with pizza. However, most locals will enjoy a glass of beer usually Peroni or Birra Moretti with their pizza. More so Rome has a booming beer scene including independent breweries and micro-breweries.
  1. 4. Berlin, Germany – Germany is known for its beer, and berline is know for its many small breweries that produce their own craft beer. However, if vising in the summer travellers can enjoy a lovely local beer on the many beer gardens available around the city.
  1. 5. New York City, United States – New York is often buzzing with visitors who want to soak in it cities culture from catching a show on Broadway to taking a stroll in Central Park. So it is not surprising that New York has a hot beer scene with many craft beers available in the city for breweries you would need to venture out to Brooklyn and other neighbouring boroughs.
  2. 6. Munich, Germany – Home to the famous Oktoberfest the largest beer festival in the world. Each year the event is held in September for a few weeks, if you are lucky enough to attend. If not, visitors can enjoy local beer at multiple establishments across the city all year round!
  3. 7. Prague, Czech Republic – Known for its Pisner Uquell, the beer found in Prague goes beyond the lager. You will be able to find dark beer, Yeast Beer and maybe even stumble on a amber. There are no shortage of places to grab a beer while walking the beautiful streets of Prague.
  1. 8. Brussels, Belgium – is sometimes referred to the beer capital of the world. It is often viewed as the gold standard of beer making. They even have a beer made out of fruits which is called Lambic, raspberry flavour being the most popular.
  2. 9. Vienna, Austria – Austria has the 3rd highest consumption of beer per capital in the world, only third to Czech Republic and Germany. While there are over 300 brewers in Vienna if you are a fan of IPAs it maybe difficult to find.
  1. 10. Budapest, Hungary – is often a popular destinations for those looking for a party with its buzzing nightlife. There are many affordable options around the city, however, recently a new trend in craft beer is starting to trend here. For those that love thermal baths, you may even enjoy a beer in between taking a bath.
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