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The Best Trip Planner App – Plan Out All The Cities and Countries You Want To Visit

If you’re looking for the best trip planner app to help you figure out your next vacation, Visited is a popular travel app with everything you need. The app has over 1.5 million users who travel around the world. You can not only plan your trips but also see top travel destinations and top travel lists based on other world travelers’ recommendations in the app. 

The free trip planner app Visited will allow you to set travel goals, mark off places you’d like to go, and see a customized map of your bucket-list destinations. You can also check off places you’ve traveled and see your progress stats toward completing your travel goals using the Visited app. 
You can download the free travel planner app Visited on iOS or Android.

How to Use Trip Planner App Visited 

Once you download the Visited app, you can begin by marking off countries and cities you’ve traveled using your personalized map in the app. To get started planning your dream getaways, go to the Places marker at the bottom of the app and then click Inspiration. With this feature, you can browse photos of top travel destinations and mark off if you’ve been or want to go to the destination. If you don’t have the desire to go or haven’t been to the location, simply swipe left and you’ll see a new bucket list destination. This swipe feature allows you to easily find dream destinations you want to visit.

To see your custom travel map in the Visited app, go to the Map tab on the bottom left of the app. This will pull up a custom, color-coded map that displays places you’ve lived in one color, places you’ve been in another color, and places you’d like to go in a third color. By navigating your personalized map, you can add more countries to your wishlist by clicking on the country you’d like to visit and then marking the Want option to add it to your bucket list. If you accidentally click on a country that you do not want to visit, simply click the country and then press Clear to remove it from your travel list. You can also mark off places you’ve traveled by clicking Been for each country you’ve visited. 

Once you have completed your custom travel map with the countries you have visited and want to go to, you can order your personalized map in the Visited app. To do this, click the Poster icon at the bottom of the app screen and order your map. 

After you have your travel wish list mapped out, you can check your progress toward completing your travel goals by clicking the Progress button at the bottom of the Visited travel planner app. You will see your personalized travel stats including what percentage of places you would like to visit compared to how many destinations you’ve already visited. You may also see customized stats for your country. For Americans, for example, you’ll see the top countries visited by Americans and how you measure up in places you’ve been compared to other travelers from your country. 

For the best iOS trip planner app and best Android trip planner app, download Visited for free on iOS or Android.

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