With over 2 million downloads, 60,000+ monthly users, and 300,000 US-based emails, our audience is comprised of many world travelers who use Visited to keep track of their past and future travel plans. 

With many unique data points on over a million global users, we can help you by leveraging these insights to provide a customized approach to advertising for your brand.

Segmented Data: Our user data includes where they’ve been, where they want to go, and the experiences they’d like to have.

Showcase your properties. Add to your portfolio: See where people are interested in visiting create custom lists for your brand. Conduct market research on potential new destinations to add to your portfolio. Be in the know about what’s popular and current traveler trends.

Insights and Inspiration: Get data on users that have visited or want to visit your destination. Utilize psychographic data on users to better understand things about travelers, such as personalities, lifestyles, interests, and more.

Country-Specific Messaging: Attract visitors and reach people who have already expressed in your destination or product.




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