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Most Visited Opera Houses Outside of Europe

If you love opera, Europe is full of famous opera houses. But did you know there are legendary opera houses around the world? The travel app Visited has ranked the most popular opera houses to visit outside of Europe based on over 1.75 million app users. You can check off places you’ve traveled, discover new dream destinations, bookmark places you want to go, and see your personalized travel map using the Visited app. 

The top opera houses to visit outside of Europe include: 

  1. Sydney Opera House in Australia is the most visited opera house outside of Europe. The building’s distinctly modern appearance is considered a masterpiece of 20th-century architecture. 
  1. Lincoln Center in New York City, U.S., is the second most visited opera house outside of Europe. The Metropolitan Opera House located at Lincoln Center has a seating capacity of 3,850, making it the largest repertory opera house in the world.
  1. Teatro Colón  or Columbus Theater is an opera house in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The opera house is renowned for having the best acoustics for opera in the world. 
  1. The Great Theatre of Havana in Havana, Cuba, has ornate neo-baroque architecture, a seating capacity of 1,500, and is over 100 years old. 
  2. Palacio De Bellas Artes or Palace of Fine Arts is a cultural center and top opera destination in Mexico City, Mexico. It seats up to 1,936 people and the building has a distinct Art Nouveau and Neoclassical style on the outside and Art Deco inside.
Most Visited Opera Houses Outside of Europe

6. Municipal Theater of Rio De Janeiro is an opera house in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil that is known for its beauty. The opera house was inspired by the Paris Opéra of Charles Garnier and has eclectic and Art Nouveau style architecture. 

7. Hanoi Opera House or the Grand Opera House is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The opera house was built by the French and was modeled after Palais Garnier opera house in Paris. 

8. The Cairo Opera House is part of the National Cultural Centre in Cairo, Egypt. The post-modern structure was built to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal. 

9. Esplanade Theatres on the Bay in Singapore is a modern cultural complex that includes a concert hall which seats about 1,600 people and a performing arts theater that seats about 2,000.

10. Municipal Theatre of Santiago is a stately Neoclassical building with a seating capacity of 1,500 in Santiago, Chile.

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