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Top 10 Travel Destinations for Americans

International travelers from United States tend to travel the most to neighbouring countries: Mexico and Canada. Followed by European countries, with the exception of The Bahamas which is a short boat or flight away from Florida. Here are the top 10 countries that are most visited by American travelers.

  1. 1. Mexico – Travelers tend to visit Mexico for the many available beaches. On the east coast there is Mayan Riviera with Cancun being a party city and Cozumel for snorkelling/diving. While on the west coat, Cabo San Lucas perhaps the most famous beach resorts on the west coast.

2. Canada – Boarding US in the north, is the second most visited country by Americans. Here travellers can enjoy skiing in rocky mountains, indulging in food and culture of Quebec City or Montreal, and visiting the CN Tower or Niagara Falls in Ontario.

3. France – Is the most visited country in the world, is the 3rd most popular destination for Americans. Most tourists start off with Paris, while others are venturing out to the South of France for exquisite food in Provence and beaches of Nice and Cannes.

4. United Kingdom – Is the 4th most popular country for US travelers to visit. There are many reasons for visiting UK, from business deals in London to hikes in the British countryside.

  1. 5. Italy – Italy is the 2nd most visited country in the world, is ranked 5th among American tourists. There are many cities to visit from the canals of Venice to the art scene in Florence, and of course the ancient ruins of Rome, there is no shortage of history to observe. For those that are looking for beach there is Sicily or Amalfi coast, and there are many places to ski.
  2. 6. Germany – The 6th most visited country among American travelers. For visitors Germany has a lot to offer from modern cities such as Berlin, Castles around the country, to skiing in Bavarian Alps, and of course for Oktoberfest the biggest beer festival in the world.
  3. 7. Spain – The 7th most visited country among US Travelers. Majority of tourist head for Barcelona, a city that has unique architecture, amazing nightlife, beautiful beaches and a delight to foodies. It is easily visited by cruise or flight alike. Outside of Barcelona Spain has historical wonders found in Andalucía, beaches in Costa Del Sol and hiking in northern Spain.
  4. 8. The Bahamas – The only country in the Caribbean, that is mention. Is easily accessible by boat from Florida and a short flight away from most of the U.S. Bahamas, Two most popular islands are Nassau which is home to Atlantis and Exuma, however, with 700 coral islands and 30 inhabited islands there are no shortage of beaches and snorkelling spots.
  5. 9. Netherlands – Netherlands is the 9th most visited country for Americans. Most frequently, travelers come for Amsterdam. The city that can be scene by boat on its many canals. It is known for its nightlife, art scene and a famous beer destination.
  6. 10. Switzerland -Switzerland is the 11th most visited country in the world. It is a famous country known for the scenic villages in the Alps, chocolates and fondu.

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