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Most Visited Canadian National Parks

Most Visited Canadian National Parks

Canada is a naturally beautiful country renowned for its stunning scenery. The top 10 parks in Canada offer incredible views and a range of landscapes, from beaches to mountains and forests. These are the most visited Canadian parks based on users of the travel app Visited

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The most popular Canadian parks are:

  1. Banff National Park is Canada’s first national park, featuring the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains, wilderness, and pristine lakes. Visitors also come to see the Northern Lights during the winter months from October to May. The park is located in Alberta.
  2. Jasper National Park in Alberta is famous for its magnificent Northern Lights views. Travelers love Pyramid Lake for its breathtaking perspectives of the Northern Lights. The best time to visit is March to May and September to November.
  3. Glacier National Park in British Columbia includes 43 parks and park reserves. The sprawling area attracts adventurous travelers seeking the best glacier mountain views, deep snow, and rich plant life.
  4. Thousand Islands National Park is a few hours from Toronto in southern Ontario. The park is nestled on the Saint Lawrence River. Thousand Islands National Park draws tourists to the scenic, granite-lined shoreline and lavish Gilded Age estates.
  5. Yoho National Park in eastern British Columbia includes breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. Travelers flock to the tumbling waterfalls and majestic glaciers. A welcoming mountain community adds to the park’s appeal. 
  6. Fundy National Park in New Brunswick is known for the highest tides in the world and a rugged coastline. The park includes 25 waterfalls.
  7. Kootenay National Park in southeast British Columbia is known as the land of ice and fire, with canyons of glaciers and grasslands marked by fire. Its hot springs are also a popular attraction for tourists.
  8. Prince Edward Island National Park is the eighth most visited Canadian park. The park includes vast, scenic beaches, boardwalks, and ample walking and biking trails to explore. Prince Edward Island National Park is located on the northern shore of Prince Edward Island.
  9. Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta is renowned for its chain of lakes, waterfalls, streams, and wildlife. The park is home to abundant wildlife, including elk, moose, snowshoe hares, grizzly bears, and black bears. Waterton Lakes National Park also offers views of the Northern Lights.
  10. Cape Breton Highlands National Park is located on Cape Breton Island. The park features rugged cliffs alongside the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Breton Highlands National Park has a wide range of wildlife, including moose and black bears.

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