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Most Visited African Safari’s – How many have you been to?

It should be no secret that Africa is an absolutely beautiful continent with some of the most incredible wild animals that you can witness with your own two eyes. With so many choices, how do you pick which one to go? If you have already been how many of the game reserves have you been to? According to the Visited App, a travel app that allows users to check off famous places such as ancient sites, culinary experiences, art museums, capitals of the world and so much more, here are the top 10 most visited African Safari’s as per Visited Users’s.

  1. Kruger National Park – The most visited African Safari, Kruger is one of the largest game reserves in all of Africa, coming in at nearly 7,500 square miles (that’s a TON of land to cover). It is one of the best one-stop locations to go if you want to check out all of Africa’s most famous animals, including elephants, lions, cheetahs, and so much more.
  2. Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater These two parks are undeniably the best ones in all of Tanzania, and they can stand on their own when put to the test against some of the world’s greatest locations as well. The Serengeti National Park is famous for the largest annual animal migration in the world of over 1.5 million blue wildebeest, and 250,000 zebras. Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest inactive, unbroken and unfilled volcanic caldera, as well as being home to so many amazing animals.
African safaris

3. Masai Mara Named after the Maasai people who populated the area, Masai Mara is a huge national reserve of wild African animals, with exceptionally high amounts of lions, African leopards, cheetahs, and African bush elephants. It was also the filming location for BBC’s “Big Cat Diary” Masai Mara is truly a wondrous place.

4. Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Ngorongoro is named after the Ngorongoro Crater which we covered earlier, and as you’ll remember the crater is the world’s largest inactive volcanic caldera. But Ngorongoro is also home to a truly amazing conservation area. This isn’t technically the same as a national park, as with this distinction the Maasai people can live with their domestic animals in the wild, something not permitted by a national park. Definitely check this one out if you can.

5. Chobe National Park & Moremi Game Reserve Chobe National park is well known for it’s enormous elephant population and is the 5th most visited game reserve. There are roughly 120,000 elephants that live within the park’s boarders. The Chobe River also features many water-dependent animals such as Nile crocs, waterbucks, and the rare red lechwe antelope. The Moremi Game Reserve also features a wide selection of activities that tourists can partake in, including helicopter rides and elephant interactions.

6. Etosha National Park Etosha features unique landscapes and it is a very popular stop on your Nambian tours. Etosha actually means salt pan, and this location acts as an amazing national park as well as one of Africa’s largest salt pans, which incidentally will attract thousands of flamingos when it rains. A bird lover’s paradise.

7. Nairobi National Park Nairobi is one of Africa’s most esteemed rhinoceros sanctuaries, and it is one of only a few parks where visitors can see a black rhinoceros in its natural habitat.

8. Arusha National Park If monkey’s are more your thing, be sure to check out Arusha National Park’s amazing black-and-white colobus monkeys. This park features Mount Meru, swamps, rainforests, and lots of other variety.

9. Lake Manyara National Park This park is famous for its unique and bizarre tree-climbing lions, as well as a number of other remarkable things, such as its huge elephant herds. Like Etosha, the salt lakes here are also excellent at attracting tons of pink flamingos. Also home to over 400 species of birds.

10. Tarangire National Park Tarangire is the 6th largest national park in all of Tanzania. Tarangire national park is known to be an amazing destination for bird-lovers, especially during the drier seasons, when the tarangire river is the only source of water in the area. Also home to giraffes, reedbucks, gazelle, and tons of others.

How many of the top 10 most popular Safari’s have you been to? Mark them all off with a free app, download Visited for free on iOS or Android.

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