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Most Popular Travel Destinations for Americans in 2022

Americans traveled the most to North American countries and Europe in 2022, according to the Visited travel app, which has over 1.5 million users. The travel app calculated the top countries that Americans visited in 2022, and the UK comes in first, with 14 percent of American users traveling there in 2022. 

Visited is a travel app that allows you to scratch off places you’ve traveled, discover new destinations, set travel goals, and get your personalized travel stats and map using the app. 

According to Visited’s 2022 Travel Report, these are the top 10 most visited countries by American travelers in 2022:

  1. The UK came in first place as the most popular destination for Americans, with 14 percent of Americans traveling to the island nation in 2022. With a long history including castles, monarchies, and ancient sites like Stonehenge, the UK continues to draw in American travelers. London is also a top destination for luxury travel, art, and culture. 
  1. Mexico was the second most visited country by Americans in 2022, with 13 percent of American Visited users traveling there. The neighboring nation features beautiful white sandy beaches, ancient sites, delicious cuisine, and ample art and architecture in Mexico City. 
  1. Italy is tied for second place, with 13 percent of American tourists visiting the country in 2022. The southern European nation has iconic Roman ruins, world-renowned cuisine, and endless things to do in cities like Rome, Venice, and Milan. 
  1. Canada is the fourth most popular destination for Americans, with 12 percent of Visited users traveling to the northern country in 2022. Canada serves up boundless natural beauty and outdoor activities, with gorgeous mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and forests, as well as plenty of art and cultural attractions in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. 
  1. France is tied with Canada and Spain as the fourth most visited country by Americans in 2022. The European country has a rich history and culture, with iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum in Paris, as well as medieval castles and an expansive wine country
  1. Spain is a popular travel destination for Americans, tying with Canada and France for the fourth most visited in 2022. The country beckons travelers with a mild climate and plenty of sunshine, beaches, entertainment, and cultural attractions. 
  1. Germany is tied for fifth place, with 11 percent of Americans visiting the country in 2022. The European nation offers many historic castles and sites, as well as all the modern amenities and amusements of city life in Berlin, Cologne, and Frankfurt. 
  1. Greece also comes in fifth place, enticing Americans with warm weather, beaches, tasty cuisine, and ancient ruins. 
  1. The Netherlands also had 11 percent of American travelers visit in 2022. The European country is an international destination due to Amsterdam and its unique art, culture, and entertainment. 
  1. Portugal is a popular destination for Americans that offers more budget-friendly prices than many of the top bucket list destinations. With picturesque beaches and a mild climate, Portugal continues to draw tourists seeking a scenic place to relax. 

Have you been to any of the top destinations for Americans? Mark off where you’ve traveled and browse popular bucket list places using the Visited app. 
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