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Unique in app travel advertising. Showcase your destination, hotel(s), tours or any travel product/service. The app which has over 2.2 million downloads, is available in 30 languages and is used by travelers all over the world.

Visited allows a unique advertising opportunity to only only segment travelers based on where they want to go but also allow for multi-touch campaigns. Multi touch travel marketing campaigns includes in-app advertising, e-mail marketing and surveys to understand brand lift.

Campaigns can be done in an organic manner which improves click rate and overall marketing return on investment (MROI).

Visited Travel App Numbers

Currently there are over 230,000 sessions per month with almost 2 sessions per user.

Users are growing on a daily basis, with an average of 130,000 monthly travelers using our app.

Really engaged audience with an average travel app usage of over 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Unique Segmentation for Travel

We can segment by how often they travel, where they travel and where they travel from.

If you have a specific travel product, there is a chance we have a travel list. We over 150 specific travel lists such as golf, cruise, even F1. We can target for your specific target audience.

We know not only where travelers have been but also where they want to go. Why not market your destination to those that wish to visit it? Or help discover your destinations for those that have not been or even wish to travel there?

Unique In App Travel Advertising

By advertising in trave lists we can create custom lists for your brand, such as ‘Popular tours’ or make your destination stand out at an existing list such as museum, beach, hotel chain, contact us for a full list.

Want to showcase the beauty of your destination? Why not add it to the inspiration part of the app, by having people swipe between destinations they can add to their bucketlist or mark as been. We can link out to your website or app to give users more information.

We can also segment by country, and add top places to visit by country.

Our Travelers

87% of our users are using apple.

They are in the middle of their travel journey, with an average traveler having visited 27 countries.

They are well traveled internationally, with an average Visited user has been to 15 countries.

Global userbase, with the majority of users in US, UK, EU, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Japan.

Available in 30 languages.

Over 85% of our users have finished college.

Due to Visited being an app, we are skewing younger. However, we have seniors using our app too.

Our users are equally split between male or female.

Travelers have higher income with household incomes over $75,000.

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