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Google Travel Planner Alternative – Try Visited App For Free

Google Travel Planner Alternative

If you’re looking for a Google Maps travel planner alternative, the Visited trip mapping app allows you to plan your next dream vacation. You can browse beautiful vacation destinations and mark off places you’d like to visit using the Visited app. The travel app also lets you see top travel destinations for a variety of categories, set travel goals, and get your custom travel stats and map of where you’d like to travel. You can also scratch off places you’ve been using the Visited app. 

How to Plan Your Trip Using the Visited Travel App 

To get started, download the Visited travel planning app for free on iOS or Android. Then you can mark off places you’ve visited around the world. Instead of using a Google trip map, you can bookmark destinations you’d like to visit using the Visited app. The travel app will create a custom map based on your travels, showing you where you’ve been and where you’d like to travel using a color-coded map. You can customize your map colors and update your map as you travel. 

If you’re looking for vacation planning inspiration, the Visited app is a user-friendly alternative to using a Google trip planner app, which is designed for general maps and not traveling specifically. Visited, on the other hand, is used by over 1 million travelers worldwide and is designed specifically for travelers. Visited allows you to check off places you want to go as well as shows you your progress and stats as you pursue your travel goals. 

Finding the Best Trip Mapping App 

Visited is a trip planning app that helps you to explore and find new destinations as well as track your travel achievements. You can try Visited for free on iOS or Android. Once you download the travel app, design your personal travel map by marking off places you’ve been as well as places you’d like to travel. Your map will display the countries and cities where you have been with one color and the ones that you’d like to visit with another color. You can also swipe through photos of dream destinations and mark off which places you’d like to add to your travel bucket list. The app features travel top 10 lists to help you see the favorite places of other international travelers. 

If you use Google Maps, you can pin locations and trip routes, but Google Maps pinned trips are more helpful for navigating specific directions within a city than for planning trips around the world. If you want to see your dream destinations around the globe, set travel goals for places you’d like to go, and get a custom-printed map of your travel goals, Visited is the perfect travel planner app. 

Download the Visited travel planning app on iOS or Android and get started planning your next dream vacation today. If you want to get a custom map of your travels and travel goals printed so you have visual inspiration to help you plan your next trip, learn more here.

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