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Still doing research by survey? Going after the same panel? Get the insight you are after without having to ask and analyze 100+ questions in order to eliminate bias.

With Visited App, we have a unique way to answer questions such as most visited museums? Most flown airlines? Do travelers recalled your ad? Are people aware of your destination? We make market research for travel and tourism easy.

Instead of sending your survey to the same old panel and getting a survey results back. Get the insight by having Visited’s users interact with your brand, destination or preferences. Users select destinations, hotels, airlines and cruises based on where they have been, they also swipe through destinations or ads, without it being a ‘survey’, just as basic app’s functionality. We can segment travelers in a unique way, we can get insight on those travelers that have never used your product/service, those that are well travelled or less traveled, what city they live in and what they love to do when they go traveling. We make travel industry market research easy. Contact us today to learn more how we can help answer any questions you may have without bias.

Forget Panels Get to Real Travelers

Visited app, is available in 30 languages (all supported languages in iOS, minus Arabic, Hindi and Hebrew).

Currently 130,000 users are using our app on a monthly basis. We do have access to over 300K Americans for traditional survey’s.

Currently users check off where they want to go or have been by over 150 travel categories. Example of categories includes: Airlines, Beaches, Cruise Ports, Museums and wine regions (to name a few).

Tourism Market Research Redefined

We have data on most visited countries, states, popular destinations by travel lists, and more. Check out our Travel Report for an example.

travel industry market research

We can conduct in-app survey with any special insights. We can also email survey’s for US based travelers.

Ever wonder if your ad has a positive impact? Add it to Visited’s inspiration section to see if they will respond positively to your brand.

Our Travelers – Traveler Market Research

Majority of our users use iPhones. In fact only 13% use Android.

Our travelers have on average been to 15 countries.

While majority of travelers are in United States, EU, Australia, Canada and Japan.

Majority of our users, are skewing younger at 18-44.

Equal split between males or females.

Affluent travelers with over $75K in household income for US based.

Unique Travel Segments

Psychographic information is available by type of travel, experiences they like to have abroad or what is their preferred method of travel.

We can segment users by which travel brands they visited or use. As well as what destinations they want to visit or have been to in the past.

Demographic information such as what city they live with, type of traveler and what travel they use.

How to Get Started

Contact us, with your research goals.

We will put a detailed research plans to get insights. Once approved we will execute the plan.

Get detailed results, with insightful presentation.

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