The United Arab Emirates – or UAE – is a popular tourist destination. UAE ranks 27th in popularity among the most visited countries in the world. On average, 17 percent of all international tourists have been to UAE and 7 percent want to visit UAE, according to the travel app Visited. With its iconic modern architecture, luxury shopping, and beautiful beaches, Emirates continues to attract tourists from around the world. Abu Dhabi is the 30th most visited capital in the world. With a rich history and culture, Abu Dhabi offers world-class art, mosques, and entertainment. 

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Who visits UAE?

People from around the world are drawn to Emirates unique blend of modern and Arabic culture and architecture. According to the travel app Visited, a large percentage of travelers to the UAE are coming from Australia and Europe. In fact, 29 percent of all international Australian travelers have been to the UAE, 28 percent of all Swiss travelers, and 27 percent of all UK travelers have been to the UAE.

Top Sights in UAE

Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, towers over the magnificent Dubai skyline and is one of the most-visited places in UAE. At 829 meters (2,722 feet) in height, plus an added roof extension, the building is over a half mile high. The iconic skyscraper features architectural influences from the traditional Arabic building styles with a modern twist of glass and steel. Tourists can book tickets online to the building’s top floors, ranging from observation decks on Level 124 to a virtual reality experience on Level 125 and personalized tours on Level 148. 

Yas Marina is the fourth most visited Formula One Circuit, according to the Visited app. The pro racing track is 30 minutes outside of Abu Dhabi and is home to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Yas Marina offers a variety of adventures, including driving, drifting, drag, kart driving, and taking in a pro race. 

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is the fourth most-visited mosque in the world, according to Visited. The mosque is the largest in the UAE and can accommodate over 40,100 worshippers. The mosque features stunning Islamic architecture and is rich in history and culture. 

Louvre Abu Dhabi is the 44th most popular art museum in the world, according to Visited. The museum is a partnership effort between the UAE and the Louvre in France and is considered France’s biggest cultural project abroad. The beautiful building features Arabic-inspired architecture and was designed by acclaimed architect Jean Nouvel.

Dubai Cruise Port is ranked the 21st most visited cruise port in the world. Dubai’s cruise port is the largest cruise terminal in the world and can accommodate 6 ships at any given time. Cruises from Dubai explore destinations ranging from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. 

Motiongate Dubai is the largest Hollywood-inspired theme park in the Middle East and comes in at number 80 among the most popular kids’ attractions on Visited. The sprawling amusement park includes roller coasters, kids’ rides, themed entertainment rides, and kids’ character meet and greets. 

What to do in UAE?

Luxury Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is internationally renowned for luxury shopping and is ranked 14th in the world for the most visited shopping destinations. The Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai offers over 1,200 shops including luxury brands and an aquarium and ice rink. The mall is part of the opulent 20-billion-dollar Downtown complex. The luxury mall is the second largest mall in the world by land area and offers an endless array of shopping and dining. 

Beaches in Dubai

Among the people who visit Dubai, 57 percent travel for the beach. The beaches in Dubai feature sparkling waters and a clean, refreshing place to unwind from the city. The coastline of the UAE runs for about 1,318 kilometers (819 miles) and includes a wide variety of beaches, many with restaurants, public restroom facilities, and exercise paths. 

Snorkelling and Diving in UAE

27 Percent of visitors to UAE love to snorkel and/or go diving. There are many great dive sites that are accessible from emirates that include deep-water dives, reefs and even ship wrecks.

Fine Dining in UAE

Dubai serves up a delectable array of cuisines and luxury dining options across the area. According to the travel app Visited, 28 percent of visitors to UAE enjoy fine dining restaurants. The UAE includes an incredible variety of upscale restaurants headed by world-renowned chefs, with the most luxury establishments concentrated in the resorts of Dubai. 


UAE offers a unique allure of deserts, mountains, and water, giving outdoor lovers a host of options when visiting UAE. According to Visited, 32 percent of international travelers enjoy hiking in the UAE. With rolling sand dunes, rugged mountains, and hiking trails for all levels, the UAE has something for everyone. 

The Desert

The Arabian Desert is the second-most visited desert in the world, according to Visited

Visitors to the UAE often embark on Red Dunes tours in the breathtaking Arabian Desert. The immersive desert tours include guided rides over rolling sand dunes for thrilling and scenic adventures. Some tours are followed by barbecues and unique cultural experiences. 

Ancient Sites in UAE

Almost half of all international visitors to UAE – 49 percent – enjoy seeing ancient sites. With a rich, long history, the UAE has plenty of ancient attractions, including archaeological sites, mosques, history museums, and ruins. 

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