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Top 10 Countries Most Visited by Swedish People

Countries Most Visited by Swedish People

Sweden is a Scandinavian country with remarkable natural beauty, a rich history that includes medieval architecture, and modern cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg. Sweden ranks as the 24th most visited country in the world, according to the travel app Visited, which has over 1.65 million users. Visited allows you to mark off places you’ve traveled, browse bucket list destinations, set travel goals, and get a custom map of your travels. 

Swedish people enjoy traveling around the globe, and these are the top 10 most popular countries to visit from Sweden:

  1. Denmark is a small country south of Sweden that is the number one destination for travelers from Sweden. With palaces, colorful Nyhavn harbor, and a medieval city center in Copenhagen, Denmark has iconic architecture and landmarks for tourists to explore. 
  2. Spain is the second most visited country for Swedish travelers, beckoning with a warm climate, beautiful beaches, and remarkable art and architecture in Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. 
  3. Germany is the third most visited country for Swedish tourists, drawing in visitors to see cultural attractions in cities like Berlin and Munich as well as explore medieval castles and natural beauty in the mountains, rivers, and forests. Whether you want to ski in the Alps or browse modern art museums, you can do it all in Germany. 
  4. The UK is the fourth most visited destination for travelers from Sweden, boasting iconic attractions like Buckingham Palace, Neolithic Stonehenge, and the Roman spas in Bath, England.  
  5. Norway is the fifth most popular destination for tourists from Sweden. With museums, parks, and cultural attractions in Oslo, natural wonders like the Northern Lights, and breathtaking cruises, Norway is an unforgettable place to visit.

6. Greece ranks sixth on the list of most visited places to visit from Sweden. Its warm Mediterranean climate, ancient ruins, and cultural attractions in Athens continue to seduce Scandinavian tourists.

7. Italy is the seventh most popular destination for travelers from Sweden. The warm coastal nation has world-famous cuisine and wine, ancient Roman ruins and architecture, and iconic canals in Venice. 

8. France is the eighth most visited country for Swedish travelers. With legendary art and architecture in Paris, delectable food and chocolates, high fashion, and sprawling wineries, France has something for everyone to enjoy. 

9. Finland, Sweden’s neighbor to the east, is the ninth most visited country for travelers from Sweden. Finland offers incredible skiing, sea forts, museums, and medieval architecture.

10. The U.S. is the tenth most visited country for travelers from Sweden. From iconic sites and architecture in New York City to pristine beaches in California and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, the U.S. offers an array of options for visitors. 

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