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Best Travel Itinerary App – See How Visited Can Help You Plan Your Trip

If you’re a world traveler or working on becoming one, the best travel itinerary app is Visited. You can plan your dream vacations, mark off places you’ve traveled, and set travel goals using the Visited app. Visited is a popular travel app with over 1.5 million users and growing. Whether you want to get a customized map of your bucket list destinations or see your personal travel stats, Visited allows you to do so. 

Download Visited for free on iOS or Android to get started with the best itinerary app where you can discover and mark off places you want to travel, get a custom printed map of your travels, and more. 

How to Use the Visited Travel App

Visited is the best app to plan a travel itinerary. Once you download the app, you can start by clicking on Map in the lower left corner of the app. This will pull up a customized travel map where you can click on a country and choose Live, Been, or Want to check off where you’ve traveled and where you want to go. Your personalized map will display your wishlist destinations in a different color than the places you’ve already traveled. You can also print your personalized travel map to have a visual color-coded map for creating future travel itineraries. 

To set travel goals and see your progress, click the Progress tab in the Visited app. You’ll be able to see how you stack up against other travelers as well as your personal progress with accomplishing your travel goals based on places you’ve visited and where you’d like to travel. 

The Visited travel app is also perfect for finding new places you’d like to visit. In the app, go to the Places icon on the bottom right, and then you can choose from over 50 travel lists that show top travel destinations in a wide range of categories, from the most visited art museums to the most popular capital cities. See the most visited places in a wide range of categories and mark off the ones you’d like to visit using the app.

For the best app to create travel itinerary options, download Visited. In addition to Visited’s mapping features and travel lists, you can also create a visual itinerary of where you’d like to travel. To do this, click on the Places icon at the bottom of your home screen, then choose Inspiration. This will pull up photos of iconic and popular destinations around the world. You can swipe through and mark Want or Been to create visual boards displaying your budget list of places that you’d like to visit. You can also swipe to bypass a photo and continue browsing destinations. To see all of your bucket list destinations, from the INspiration tab, click the top photo icon and you will see your Been list of places you’ve traveled as well as your Want list with your visual travel wishlist. 

You can use your visual bucket list and your personalized travel map to create your dream vacation. Plan your bucket list getaways using the Visited app, and track your progress with your own travel map and personalized travel stats.

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