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Best Mark O’Travel App Alternative

O’Travel App Alternative

If you’re looking for the best Mark O’Travel App alternative, then you’ve come to the right place. If you want a countries been app to mark off where you’ve traveled and get a personalized map of your journeys, Visited is the best app. Visited is a rapidly growing travel app with over 1.5 million users where you can scratch off places you’ve been, set travel goals, get your personalized travel stats and a customized travel map, and browse top travel destinations around the world. 

You can download Visited for free on iOS or Android.

Alternative to Mark O’Travel App

If you find the Mark O’Travel app confusing, there is a more streamlined, user-friendly option. Visited is an alternative to Mark O’Travel that allows you to mark off countries you’ve visited as well as ones you’d like to travel to around the world. You can also mark where you live and set travel goals. This Mark O’Travel app alternative can help you map out your bucket list destinations, discover new places you want to visit, and get a custom-printed poster mapping your travels. 

How to Use Visited Travel App

You can download Visited on iOS or Android and get started mapping your travels. You can begin scratching off the places you’ve been, where you’ve lived, and countries you’d like to visit by going to the Map icon in the app. Then simply click on a country on the app and mark Live, Been, or Want to categorize the destination. If you click More, you will also see the popularity of the country based on user data from other Visited travelers as well as see the population and size of the country. 

As you mark off countries in the app, you will see a color-coded world map that displays where you’ve been, where you live, and your dream destinations on your wishlist. To set travel goals, click the Progress tab at the bottom of the Visited app and then you will see your travel stats and how you stack up against world travelers. You can also see insights based on where others from your home country travel to, which can give you travel inspiration.

Another way to build your travel bucket list using the Visited app is to go to the Places icon in the app. The lists tab will provide you with over 50 travel lists showing the most visited places for different categories. Whether you enjoy snorkeling, hiking, or luxury travel, you’ll find a travel list to suit your interests so you can add more places to your bucket list. 

You can also find top places to travel by clicking the Places icon and going to the Inspiration tab in the Visited app. This will pull up beautiful photos of the most popular travel destinations. For each photo, you can mark Want, Been, or swipe through to get to the next option. To see your photo collage of the places you want to visit based on the Inspiration feature, click the photo icon on the top right of the app. 

The best Mark O’Travel app alternative is Visited. Download Visited for free on iOS or Android to get started today. 

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