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Best Alternative to Skratch App – Visited

For the best alternative to Skratch app, check out the travel app Visited. Visited allows you to plan and track your travels and find new bucket list destinations. You can scratch off where you’ve been, mark off places you’d like to go, and set travel goals using the Visited app. Get a custom, color-coded map of your travels and bucket list destinations in the Visited travel app. 

You can download Visited for free on iOS or Android as a Skratch app alternative. 

Build Your Own Travel Map

You can build your own custom travel map using the Visited app. Once you download the app, scratch off where you’ve been and where you’d like to go using the Map feature in Visited. Click the Map icon in the app and then choose a country. You can then mark Live, Been, or Want to personalize your map. Your color-coded map will show you the countries where you’ve been and where you’d like to travel around the world.

To get a printed personalized map of your travels, click the Poster icon in the Visited app. This allows you to order a custom where I’ve been map to display in your home. You can use your personal travel map to show how far you’ve traveled as well as inspire you to keep going and mark off your bucket list destinations. 

Discover New Destinations

You can also add new destinations to your bucket list using the Visited app. In the app, click the Places icon. Go to the Inspiration section and you will be able to browse high-quality photos of the top travel destinations in the world. For each photo, you can mark Want or Been, or swipe to skip and see the next photo. To see your bucket list collage of Want destinations, go to the photo icon in the upper corner of the Inspiration section of the Visited app. Then you can click Been or Want to see the collage of your photos. 

Another way to find new travel destinations you want to visit is to click the Places icon in the app and then Lists. Here you will find over 50 travel lists of the top destinations in different categories. Based on over 1.5 million Visitors’ input, the travel lists show you the most visited places ranging from the most visited beaches to the most popular film festivals. The travel lists are the perfect way to add to your travel bucket list based on your interests. You can also go to the Experiences section of the app to add experiences – such as cruises or theme parks – to your list of places you’ve been.

See your progress in accomplishing your travel goals by going to the Progress tab in the Visited app. You will be able to get your personal travel stats and see how you stack up against fellow travelers. 

Download Visited for an Alternative to Skratch App
As an alternative to Skratch app ios or Skratch app Android, download Visited for free on iOS or Android.

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