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Best Alternative to Pin Traveller App – Visited

Best Alternative to Pin Traveller App

Visited is the best alternative to Pin Traveller app. With over 2 million users and an extensive database of the best places to travel, Visited is unmatched. Whether you want a customized travel map or a tool to help you plan your next vacation in paradise, Visited can do it all. See top travel lists of the best places to visit around the world using the Visited app. Set your travel goal, track your progress, and pin your top destinations with Visited. 

Pin Your Travels with Visited

Do you feel overwhelmed about where to travel next? Not sure what to do on your trip? The Visited app lets you pin your travels and see where you’ve been. You can also bookmark and save your top places to visit and create a personalized itinerary in the Visited app. 

Using the Map feature in the Visited app, you can pin the places you’ve been and where you want to go. Mark Want or Been for different places on the map to create your own custom travel map. The color-coded map helps you see all the countries you’ve visited and track your travel progress. 

Create Your Own Travel Bucket List

Wondering where to go next? Check out the Places icon in the Visited app. You can then browse top travel lists for hundreds of ideas on the top destinations based on different categories. Whether you’re a wine lover or an adventure traveler, you’ll have exclusive access to the most visited destination lists based on international travelers around the world. You can pin attractions you want to visit from top travel lists. 

The Visited app offers another way to discover top places for your travel bucket list. You can swipe through beautiful photos of the best destinations worldwide in the Inspiration section. As you swipe, it’s simple to save the places you want to visit to add to your travel wish list. 

For even more personalization, Visited has an Experiences feature where you can mark off your favorite activities to do while traveling. The app’s travel Lists, Inspiration, and Experiences combine to create suggested itineraries for your next vacation of a lifetime. 

Create Your Dream Itinerary

Visited offers an intuitive user experience with helpful itinerary features so you can plan your best trip ever. The more you interact with the app, the more it can personalize your itinerary. Visited ranks the top countries for you to travel to based on the number of experiences, places of interest, and inspirational photos you have selected. 

You can access a personalized travel plan by country with a stunning selection of photos. Share your itinerary and personal travel map in the Visited app. 

Traveling just got a lot more organized with Visited! Find new destinations and plan your next trip using the Visited app. Get started and download Visited for free on iOS or Android

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